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Readers Respond: Which Cartoon Character Is Your Favorite?

Responses: 300


From the article: Top 50 Cartoon Characters
Everyone has their own lists of favorite cartoon characters, whether they're classic or fairly recent. Which cartoon character is your favorite?


You GOT to place Kenny McCormick on number 1. He is the coolest character EVER.
—Guest kick the damn baby


Sylvester for me cause of all the diversity they gave him with different characters/situations
—Guest Robbie

( my little pony friendship is magic)

Fav character- pinkie pie. I love this show too it's really good and everyone watches it, it's for everyone.
—Guest Mmmm

dragon ball z

Its the best cartoon ever i seen it is amazing and its movies are mind blowing and gorgeous i lve to watch it but it is closed thats why i love it but it starts again it gift everrrrrr
—Guest mohit


There was a horse who turn into a stallion and would have a gun a big gun and this cartoon was in the 70ies -80 ies
—Guest joyce irons

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x hunter is a story of a boy named Gon. Gon's father is a hunter and he wants to become one too. A hunter is a person who catches criminals, search for treasure, find exotic creatures and preserve ancient monuments. This story is about how Gon became a hunter and the adventures he had after becoming one.
—Guest Shakshi

My fav toon :-)

It has to be Thundarr. I would've liked to see more episodes to give it a decent ending. Best cartoon of all :-)
—Guest kou

This List Sucks.

Since when are old cartoons automatically the best? Let's widen the approach.
—Guest Horcri Killer


It is very funny, as well as all the other animals in that world eating all the honey like Winnie the Pooh.
—Guest doireann bhavra

Favorite Cartoon

I would have to say "Motor Mouse and Auto Cat" is my # 1 cartoon and #2 is "The Ant and the Ardvark."
—Guest Stephen Mann

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is one of the oldest cartoon characters there is made by Walt Disney. He also gives kids a fun show to watch on weekends or in the morning.
—Guest Person giving a response

Memories :)

I use to watch most of these... good times... good times!
—Guest Goldstar029

Ace Comments Again!

Definitely MAD... Greatest kids cartoon, and Futurama, greatest Matt Groening show ever... mmm, tastes like Jetsons!
—Guest Ace

Let's get this started!

How about those numerous cartoons you all seem to forget? Codename: Kids Next Door, Hetalia, MAD, Johnny Bravo, Futurama (seen in earlier comment), and definety DBZ!
—Guest Ace


I've noticed that a few of the Simpsons have made it on the lst (I'm glad about Felix The Cat's on there too), but what about Matt Groening's other show, Futurama? You have to at least include Bender or Fry! The show is great, and is getting millions of viewers on Comedy Central, and with Season 7 coming up, it NEEDS to be on the list (SpongeBob, really?)
—Guest Ace

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