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Readers Respond: Which Cartoon Character Is Your Favorite?

Responses: 407


Damn you all!

Stewie Griffin FTW. He is a football-headed baby with aspirations of world domination and matricidal fantasies... what's not to love?
—Guest 31 Spooner St


There are so many characters missed, I was reading them all and no one mentioned Peppe! The skunk) and his girlfriend flower? What's up with that! Oh well there are so many great characters to choose from maybe you should have done a top 100 list. BUT I DO AGREE MICKEY SHOULD BE NO.1 HE IS KNOWN ALL OVER THE WORLD! Bugs Bunny? What about Elmer Fudd? Lol
—Guest pam Haacke


I think Pikachu from Pokemon is one of the most famous cartoon characters.
—Guest samuel

Peter Griffin

I say Peter Griffon is hailarious and he should be the # 1. He is on one of the best shows in America FAMILY GUY.
—Guest G-rant

Favourite Character

Batman can show that having superpowers isn't the only way to be a hero.
—Guest X

My favorite character

Spongebob. I've seen every episode more than 30 times and know everything about it.
—Guest fancychicken11

Most Favorite Characters

Alvin and the Chipmunks and Tom and Jerry are my all-time favorite animated characters.
—Guest michelle

Cartman 12th? No Way

No way. Number one, Cartman. Number two, Charlie Brown.
—Guest mark


What about my favorite character Goku from Dragon Ball Z?
—Guest Smurfy

Best Poke at Authority

The FCC wanted to censor one episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle where Rocky was to be boiled in a pot of water by natives. Bullwinkle stops production citing the FCC ban on canibilism. Rocky says, "Canibilism, I'm a squirrel!"
—Guest Question Authority

Mighty Mouse

Hey, America owes everything to Mighty Mouse; he defeated the Nazi cats!
—Guest Old Dude

Sailor Moon

I think Sailor Moon is awesome because she is realistic and traditional anime. Go Sailor Moon!!!
—Guest :)

Where's Peter or Bender?

They put Space Ghost. I mean KISS MY SHINY METAL ASS.
—Guest wtf

Invader Zim

This little alien might be modest and extremely violent. He was the last great nicktoon that lived.
—Guest invader awsome

Favorite Cartoon Character

Beavis and Butt-head are totally my favorite! Daria's great too.
—Guest Harry Sachz

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Which Cartoon Character Is Your Favorite?

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