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Master Yoda

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By dragonscrowe

Master Yoda

Yoda Costume

My Cartoon Character

Master Yoda

How I Did It

I took a white karate uniform and dyed it brown. A friend crocheted a Yoda hat using a pattern she found online. I sewed the cloak myself using muslin and the same general pattern that you would for a medieval tunic. I just made it longer, split the front and added a hood. If you are unfamiliar with making a tunic, basically make rectangles for the front and back and rectangles for the sleeves and a triangle at the bottom on the seam between the front and back to add room to walk and "fight."

Tips and Tricks

  • Karate uniforms are usually poly cotton so it needed to sit in the dye bath much longer than the instructions said.

Why I Chose This Character

My son wanted to be the best Jedi there is, Master Yoda.

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George Lucas would be proud.

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