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'The Simpsons' Cast

The Simpsons cast has become world famous, with movies, books, radio shows and other projects to their credit. Learn more about the cast of The Simpsons, and find out who does the voice of each character.
  1. Dan Castellaneta (5)
  2. Hank Azaria (3)
  3. Harry Shearer (4)
  4. Julie Kavner (3)
  5. Kelsey Grammer (2)
  6. Marcia Gaven (1)
  7. Nancy Cartwright (4)
  8. Phil Hartman (2)
  9. Tress MacNeille (2)
  10. Yeardley Smith (3)

'The Simpsons' Voices
List of the talented actors and which characters they provide voices for.

Write to "The Simpsons"
Here are several addresses you can use to write to "The Simpsons" at Fox. You can also send letters to your favorite cast members or Matt Groening.

"The Simpsons" Cast and Guest Stars in Movies
Guest stars and cast members from "The Simpsons" have been in a lot of great movies. Here's a sample list.

Live Appearances of "The Simpsons" Cast
A list of the best live performances or appearances by the cast of "The Simpsons."

Live in Aspen
The cast performed an entire episode for an audience at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.

Guide to Cast
A complete listing of characters sorted by family, elemetary, the power plant, and other categories.

"Inside the Actors Studio"
The cast of "The Simpsons" joined host James Lipton on "Inside the Actors Studio" to celebrate 300 episodes. Here are a few clips from that show.

Read interviews with cast members, writers, and producers, and a few others behind the scene.

"Simpsons" Live in UK
Guardian Unlimited gives a nice report on the script reading, including how the cast behaved, who they met, and more.

Last Exit to Springfield
Cast biographies that include photos and filmographies for each actor/actress.

Maude Flanders Gets a New Voice
An article chronicling the departure and return of Maggie Roswell on "The Simpsons" as Maude Flanders.

Marcia Wallace Movies
A filmography of Marcia Wallace's (Edna Krabappel on "The Simpsons) best work in film and television.

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