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Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans is an animated comedy that follows Mark Lilly, who lives in New York City and works for the Department of Integration. His job is to help creatures of all kinds, including aliens, vampires, fairies and monsters, integrate into New York City's society. Learn more about Ugly Americans.

'Ugly Americans'
A review of Ugly Americans, the animated comedy featuring Mark Lilly, Callie and a cast of demons and monsters. Read more about Ugly Americans.

Ugly Americans Show Guide
Ugly Americans follows the Department of Integration Agent Mark Lilly as he deals with new citizens who are human or other. Learn more about Ugly Americans with this show guide.

Ugly Americans Pictures
Pictures from the animated comedy series Ugly Americans, showing the characters Mark Lilly, his roommate Randall, his boss Callie and other aliens, monsters and freaks.

Ugly Americans Characters
The Ugly Americans cast of characters features Mark Lilly; Randall Skeffington, Mark's zombie roommate; Callie Maggotbone, Mark's demon boss and office fling; Leonard Powers, an aging drunken wizard; Twayne, a terrorizing demonic bureaucrat; and Lt. Grimes a law-enforcement officer who despises non-humans. Learn more about the Ugly Americans ...

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