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'Tripping the Rift'


'Tripping the Rift'

'Tripping the Rift'

Anchor Bay Entertainment

'Tripping the Rift':

Tripping the Rift premiered in the United States on the Sci Fi Channel in March, 2004. What began as an animated short, became a full-blown series.


In Tripping the Rift, the corporate-minded Dark Clowns and the hopelessly conformist Confederation are locked in a cold war. Each insists the other is the cause of all problems great and small, and their power struggle is basically a huge pain in the butt for sentient beings everywhere. The crew of Jupiter 42 spend their time traveling (a.k.a. "tripping") the rift that separates the two groups. This group of misfits smuggles goods to keep their ship moving.


Chode is the short, purple captain of the ship. Six is the science officer, though she spends more time boffing Chode than exploring science. Gus is Chode's gay robot-slave. The rest of the crew is filled out with Whip, T'Nuk and Bob.


Chuck Austen worked on King of the Hill before Tripping the Rift. Chris Moeller also worked on King of the Hill, as well as The Simpsons. They originally pitched Tripping the Rift to Film Roman, the animation company for both Fox cartoons.

My Two Cents:

Tripping the Rift is a great show for middle school boy sleepovers or fraternity parties. The cartoon would probably entertain well at a bachelor party, too. Beyond that, I can't recommend spending any time watching Tripping the Rift. The humor is heavy-handed and the stories are predictable. It all adds up to boring.

I wish the writers would have spent more time brainstorming on their jokes. The punchlines and sight gags feel like they were the first ideas that popped into their heads.

Tripping the Rift has a nice look, but not nice enough to convince me to watch it.

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