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"The Simpsons" Episode Guide - Season Thirteen

Titles and Descriptions


Phish and Homer Simpson in "Weekend at Burnsies"

Twentieth Century Fox Homer The Hulk in

Homer The Hulk in "I Am Furious Yellow"

Twentieth Century Fox

"The Lastest Gun in the West"
Dennis Weaver, whose nearly 50-year career on TV includes GunsmokeMcCloud and Gentle Ben, provides the voice of Buck McCoy, an old cowboy star who becomes Bart's new hero. They first meet after a stray dog chases Bart onto the grounds of Buck's mansion. Bart becomes pals with the horse-opera great, who later visits the Simpsons and brings along video highlights of his career. With Bart's help, it's not long before a Western craze sweeps Springfield Elementary, and he and Lisa land Buck a guest spot on Krusty the Clown's TV show. This could be Buck's big shot at a comeback, but there's a problem: His film career isn't the only thing that could use rehab.

"The Old Man and the Key"
Grampa Simpson regains his driver's license to woo a new woman (Olympia Dukakis), but is goaded into a race by senior punks.

"Tales from the Public Domain"
In a trilogy of classics parodies, Homer seeks to destroy Troy as Odysseus; Lisa's Joan of Arc leads the French; and Bart plays Hamlet, with Moe as Claudius.

"Blame It on Lisa"
The Simpsons go to Brazil when the orphan whom Lisa's been sponsoring there is reported missing.

"Weekend at Burnsie's"
The band Phish has a cameo in an episode in which Dr. Hibbert prescribes medicinal marijuana for Homer's eye injury, and the resulting joviality nets Homer a promotion from Mr. Burns.

"Gump Roast"
The Springfield Friars Club roasts Homer, with emcee Krusty the Clown introducing friends, family and their memories from past episodes.

"I Am Furious Yellow"
Encouraged by comic-book guru Stan Lee (in a cameo,) Bart creates a strip about Homer that gets onto the Internet.

"The Sweetest Apu"
Apu's fling with the Squishee Lady is caught live by Homer, but on tape by his wife Manjula (Jan Hooks). James Lipton has a cameo.

"Little Girl in the Big Ten"
Two college girls mistake Lisa for a peer; Bart lives inside a bubble to contain the infection he got from a Chinese mosquito. Former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky has a cameo.

"The Frying Game"
Homer's community service for threatening an endangered species involves helping a kindly senior, who meets an untimely death. Carmen Electra and Frances Sternhagen are guest voices.

"Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge"
Homer becomes Springfield's top cop in the 13th-season finale, an episode that draws inspiration from both The Sopranos and High Noon. The latest addition to Homer's résumé (recited by Mr. Simpson in a litany of past labors) comes on the heels of a heat wave that sparked a riot. The incident (in which Homer played an inadvertent role) exposes the inadequacies of Chief Wiggum and his men. Losing all confidence in the local constabulary, Homer forms his own security company - SpringShield - which subsequently replaces the police when the mayor catches Wiggum in yet another embarrassing situation. But the new chief is quickly tested when he runs afoul of mobster Fat Tony (Joe Mantegna.)

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