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'The Simpsons' Episode Guide - Season Twelve

Titles and Descriptions


Homer Rocks with The Who

"Tale of Two Springfields"

Twentieth Century Fox

Season twelve of The Simpsons aired during the 2000 - 2001 TV season. The episodes were hit or miss.

Treehouse of Horror XI
In "Shoved by an Angel," the Simpson family stars in a parody of the Grimm Brothers fairy tales. Next, dolphins take over the world in "Night of the Dolphins." Finally, in "Scary Tales Can Come True," Homer chokes to death on a piece of broccoli and his ghost must perform a good deed in order to enter heaven.

A Tale of Two Springfields
After Springfield's telephone area code splits in two, Homer spearheads a movement to divide the town itself in half along the new area code line. The Who guest stars.

Hm, some season premiere. This just goes to show you how much The Simpsons has gone downhill as of the last couple of years. Oh well, we should just make the best of it. In this episode Homer divides the town in two just because of a change in area code. (Yeah, okay.) Soon almost all his residents go back to Old Springfield, and New Springfield (which is led by Homer) turns into a ghost town. There was also some no name guest star that I haven't heard of (the Who, anybody?). All over all this wasn't a great episode, but it wasn't too bad either." - Beavs7700, Fan Review

Insane Clown Poppy
Krusty takes parenting lessons from Homer when he discovers that he has a daughter about Bart's age from a one-night stand. Drew Barrymore and Stephen King guest star.

"This was a solid episode, but a little on the gimmicky side for me; pulling in a lot of guest stars is much for me. Though, I thought Drew Barrymore and Stephen King did a wonderful job. I loved seeing the sincere, heartfelt side of Krusty. Seeing his softer side makes me laugh even harder when he's a gambling, drinking, selling out. My jaw dropped when Homer ate the "chocolate orgasm". Those blatantly adult moments are becoming more frequent on The Simpsons. I'm not sure if that's a trend I like." - Nancy Martin, Fan Review

Lisa the Treehugger
Eager to join Dirt First after witnessing their pro-vegetarianism demonstration atop the local Krusty Burger franchise, Lisa attempts to prove her worth by camping out in a giant redwood destined for logging. Meanwhile, Bart joins the workforce in order to buy a new game console advertised on television.

"After a pretty disappointing season so far, this episode managed to keep some hope in me that The Simpsons hasn't turned into crap after all. This episode is when Lisa falls for a good looking enviromentalist, so she decides to do anything to get his attention. She ends up living inside Springfield's oldest redwood tree so loggers can't cut it down just to impress him. Overall, a good episode." - Big Daddy Kane, Fan Review

The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
After realizing that he's missing the cyberspace boat, Homer plugs into the Internet and builds a web site. But when low traffic hits him where it hurts, he resorts to spicing up his site with damaging gossip concerning fellow townspeople.

"This was a wonderfully crazy episode and the Prisoner references were just dead on. The plot was funny and the visuals were original and psychedelic. It's nice to see the writers pushing the envelope from time to time. The joke with Rod saying "Mommy" was a little sick, but a few tougher jokes here and there are always welcome." - Evil Nick, Fan Review

The Great Money Caper
Strapped for cash, Homer and Bart thumb their way through "A Child's Garden of Cons" in search of the road to easy money.

Homer vs. Dignity
Mr. Burns hires Homer to serve as his personal jester and prankster.

"I thought this episode was going to be good, but it wasn't. The story is about Homer, who is short on money, decides to ask Mr. Burns for a raise. Instead, Mr. Burns makes Homer his personal jester. Homer got money for doing stupid things that made Mr. Burns laugh. While it had some funny parts, the story as a whole was very weak." - Big Daddy Kane, Fan Review

Skinner's Sense of Snow
A blizzard traps Skinner and Groundskeeper Willie with an assortment of students at Springfield Elementary. Bart leads a revolt.

When doctors find and remove a Crayon lodged in Homer's brain, his true I.Q. emerges, leading to a strong relationship with Lisa. But his relationship with others falls out once his newfound competence in safety inspecting leads to the closure of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

"I really enjoyed this episode. The storyline was solid and didn't go off track. I was surprised to find Homer even funnier as a genius. The excessive use of pop cultural references was terrific, too, such as Japanimation, smoking, pipe bombs and planned parenthood, ebay and more that I can't remember. Also, I thought the jokes were clever, just like the old days. The only thing I had trouble swallowing was that Moe is suddenly an unlicensed physician. That was the perfect opportunity for ol' Dr. Nick to pop into the show and they wasted it." - Nancy Basile, Guide Review

Worst Episode Ever
Comic Book Guy has a heart attack after witnessing the work of special make-up effects master Tom Savini. He gives Bart and Milhouse the responsibility of running his shop, the Android's Dungeon.

"Despite the title, this is actually a great episode, probably the best of season 12. The crude and gory humor 'The Simpsons' was heavy in during Season 11 is pretty much dying down, to make way for more clever jokes. Comic Book Guy in particular is a good character, and an episode in which he has many lines was extremely welcome. The idea that he and Agnes Skinner are a perfect match is wonderful and works well, and the Bart versus Milhouse main plot is an interesting spin on a lot of Homer themed episodes, in particular 'Homer the Smithers.'" - Rach, Fan Review

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