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'South Park' Halloween


'South Park' Halloween

'South Park' Halloween

Have you recently spotted a Succubus? Or has Death been following you around town? Must be time for Halloween! South Park fans can celebrate the spooky holiday watching episodes online or decorating desktops.

South Park Halloween Downloads
Download a South Park screensaver created from images of past Halloween costume contests. The many costumes of Cartman, Chef and Timmy will keep you giggling through the holiday. While you're there, you can download spooky South Park wallpapers for your desktop. Scroll to the bottom of the page (past the bare breasts of "Major Boobage," really, keep scrolling) to find them.

South Park Halloween Episodes
South Park Halloween episodes have killed fans with laughter. Well, not literally. Watch the episodes again in their entirety, or as video clips.

The first Halloween episode starts off with the failure of the Mir Space Station, which crashes right on Kenny. An ambulance comes and takes his body off to the morgue. At the morgue, a freak accident involving a bottle of Worcestershire occurs, and next thing you know Kenny is a member of the undead. Kenny breaks free and wanders off into the night.

"Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery"
In the second Halloween episode, Korn comes to South Park for a Halloween gig and learns of the boys problems with the 5th graders at South Park Elementary. Korn agrees to help the boys get revenge on the mean 5th graders, all in a spooky Scooby Doo rip-off!

"Hell on Earth 2006"
This episode is a parody of MTV's My Super Sweet 16, a series that follows rich, spoiled teenage girls as they and their parents plan parties for their sixteenth birthdays. Frankly, watching Satan plan his party for the demons of Hell on South Park wasn't much different than viewing the actual show.

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