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Download Sounds from "The Simpsons"

Download sound clips from "The Simpsons" of Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Moe, Apu, Chief Wiggum and more.

Cartoon Theme Songs
Download the "South Park" theme song and more.

Harry Shearer Sound Clips
Click on Shows and Projects, then choose "The Simpsons." You'll find lots of sounds of Harry's characters, such as Mr. Burns and Smithers.

Hellfish 7
Download Bart quotes, miscellaneous quotes, and quotes by Homer, such as, "Computer hacking makes me thirsty."

Homer Quotes
A few quotes by Homer Simpson are sprinkled into other .WAV files.

The Lionel Hutz Sound Collection
Lots of funny Lionel Hutz sounds to download.

Masta Ace
This underground mcee uses theme samples in his rap.  Beware of adult language.

Listen to sound clips of Bart Simpson and other characters she gives voice to.

Simpsons Crazy Downloads
Listen to MP3s from lots of music featured in The Simpsons, from themes to songs the characters sing.

Simpsons Sound Clips
This site has only a few MP3s. Catch a couple prank calls to Moe, or quotes by Barney and Grampa. Don't miss the Kamp Krusty ending.

Springfield Powerplant
Lots of "Simpsons" sounds of songs from the show, as well as character quotes.

The Springfield Retirement Castle
Many, many quotes from the elderly folks.  The size of these sound files range from 19KB to 248KB.

Springfield Weekly
All of the sounds are organized by character, which include the family, Moe, Chief Wiggum, and others.

The Twisted World of Marge Simpson
Enjoy Marge groaning, or talking with Patty and Selma, Lionel Hutz, or appearing on Jeopardy.

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