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'Bart Simpson's Guide to Life'

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Bart Simpson's Guide to Life

Bart Simpson's Guide to Life


The Bottom Line

Bart Simpson's Guide to Life is full of wisdom dispensed by a ten year-old boy who relishes practical jokes and revenge tactics. Bart offers suggestions for dealing with a cruel world full of authority figures, bullies and little sisters. This book is easy to read because it is broken into various categories that cover fun topics, such as driving your parents crazy, and lies your parents tell you. True fans of The Simpsons will read the book more than once to make sure they catch every quote and bit of advice. If you're new to The Simpsons, this book will give you loads of laughs.
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  • Hilarious quips and quotes.
  • Fun pictures not seen on the show.


  • More!


  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • By Matt Groening

Guide Review - 'Bart Simpson's Guide to Life'

This book is truly a handbook for life, though one should be cautious when accepting advice from the child who spends much of his school time at the blackboard writing punishments. Bart's advice is more than just excerpts from the show sorted neatly into a piece of merchandise.

You can learn how to deal with your parents, from getting a raise in your allowance to getting out of chores. Readers will also enjoy tips about other topics, such as Homer's beauty secrets and what to do when you get caught cheating. Bart waxes philosophical about his family, school, and prayers for bedtime. Bart's nutritional manual isn't the one you'll find hanging in your family physician's office, either (or even Dr. Hibbert's!) And all of these helpful hints are accompanied by hysterical illustrations, some taken directly from the show and others drawn specifically for this book.

This book is a bargain. You'll get a lot of laughs for a lot less than other cartoon books. In fact, Bart Simpson's Guide to Life is cheaper than most of the other Simpsons books. There's so much to learn about Bart, and life, that you'll read this book over and over.

If you're a Bart fan, you must own this book. If you're a fan of The Simpsons, you'll love this book. If you're just getting to know our favorite family, you should pick up this book to enjoy some giggles at new jokes and Bart's past adventures. Every fan will love this book, the first, second and third time.

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