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Top 10 Sexiest Cartoon Characters

'The Simpsons,' 'King of the Hill,' 'Drawn Together'


Ever since Jessica Rabbit swayed onto the screen in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, a variety of animated characters have set human hearts daydreaming about "What if..." Here's my top ten list of animated TV characters who, if they came to life, would make our eyes pop.

10. Foxxy Love

Comedy Central
Foxxy Love (Drawn Together) has a reputation. She's willing to mack a gal in the hot tub, have a threesome with other roommates and a light saber plays a large part in her bedtime ritual. Get a gander at her fox ears and tail, and you know Foxxy is always ready for love.

9. Space Ghost

Space Ghost
Adult Swim
What can I say? I'm a sucker for broad-chested superheroes in tights. But Space Ghost has more than just a great bod. His sarcastic, off-the-cuff humor would make me swoon.

8. Luanne Kleinschmidt

Twentieth Century Fox
A blonde babe from King of the Hill, Luanne Platter has an hourglass figure, shown off in tight workout togs. She has been courted by many, including a neurotic virgin and a schizophrenic. Luanne was recently married to Lucky Kleinschmidt (Tom Petty).

7. Turanga Leela

Twentieth Century Fox
Leela (Futurama) has curves, butt-kicking moves and only one eye. One of the hotties at Planet Express, Leela finds herself the pursued by Fry and Zapp Brannigan.

6. Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin in "Model Misbehavior"
Twentieth Century Fox
Sometimes a model (as in "Model Misbehavior"), sometimes a singer, always a randy wife, Lois Griffin (Family Guy) is the object of not only Peter's affection, but also their lecherous neighbor Quagmire.

5. John Redcorn

King of the Hill - John Redcorn
Twentieth Century Fox
John Redcorn (King of the Hill) enjoyed a long love affair with Nancy Gribble, another honey on this list. It's easy to see why she would have been attracted to this tall, dark and taciturn man.

4. Francine Smith

Francine Smith
Twentieth Century Fox
Francine Smith (American Dad) may not have been the prom queen, but she's certainly a hot mama now. Her traditional beauty wars with her feminist attitude, making for an intoxicating combination. Just ask her husband, Stan.

3. Rainier Wolfcastle

Radioactive Man
Twentieth Century Fox
Beefy Rainier Wolfcastle has starred in many movies from the world of The Simpons, including the McBain series and Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy. Add his foreign accent to his broad pecs, and he's a ready-made heartthrob.

2. Nancy Gribble

Nancy Gribble and Hank Hill
Twentieth Century Fox
Nancy Gribble (King of the Hill) is one of the most attractive women in Arlen, Texas. Married to Dale, she had a long affair with John Redcorn, even bearing his child, Joseph (though Dale has no idea). In "Sug Night," Hank worried about his unbidden dreams of Nancy and himself in the hot tub. Nancy continues to wow the local audience as a TV weather woman.

1. Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders
Twentieth Century Fox
Sure, Ned Flanders from The Simpsons seems like an odd choice for the sexiest cartoon character on TV. But have you seen him with his shirt off ("A Streetcar Named Marge")? Furthermore, if Edward Cullen (Twilight) is considered hot -- and he saved himself for marriage -- then certainly warm-blooded Ned should be considered a hunk, too.

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