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'Sit Down, Shut Up'

Characters Names, Pictures and Bios


Sit Down, Shut Up, a cartoon on Fox by Mitch Hurwitz (Arrested Development), is more about the teachers and staff of a high school than its students. As Mitch Hurwitz said in an interview, "The students are to Sit Down, Shut Up as paper is to The Office." Learn more about the characters of Sit Down, Shut Up and find out who plays them.

Larry Littlejunk

Sit Down, Shut Up Larry Littlejunk - Picture of Larry Littlejunk from Sit Down, Shut Up
Larry Littlejunk (Jason Bateman) is the only member of the teaching staff who feels the focus should be on education. He has a crush on the science teacher, Miracle Grohe.

Miracle Grohe

Sit Down, Shut Up Miracle Grohe - Picture of Miracle Grohe from Sit Down, Shut Up
Miracle Grohe (Kristin Chenoweth) is the science teacher at this Florida high school. She's a woman whose superficial grasp on science is balanced by her superficial grasp on spirituality.

Sue Sezno

Sit Down, Shut Up Sue Sezno - Picture of Sue Sezno on Sit Down, Shut Up
Sue Sezno (Kenan Thompson) is the principal of the high school. Not surprisingly, she says "no" a lot.

Stuart Proszakian

Sit Down, Shut Up Stuart Proszackian - Picture of Stuart Proszackian from Sit Down, Shut Up
Stuart Proszakian (Will Forte) is the vice principal. He's terrifically positive and upbeat, possibly from the performance-enhancing medication he's been put on secretly by the other teachers.

Ennis Hofftard

Sit Down, Shut Up Ennis Hofftard - Picture of Ennis Hofftard from Sit Down, Shut Up
Ennis Hofftard (Will Arnett) is the pseudo-jock English teacher whose love of the ladies is eclipsed only by his love of himself. This character seems perfect for Will Arnett, no?

Willard Deutschebog

Sit Down, Shut Up Willard Deutschebog - Picture of Willard Deutschebog on Sit Down, Shut Up
Willard Deutschebog (Henry Winkler) is an aging German teacher, a deeply defeated man whose yearbook quotation reads: "If I believed in reincarnation, I’d kill myself tonight."

Helen Klench

Sit Down, Shut Up Helen Klench - Picture of Helen Klench from Sit Down, Shut Up
Helen Klench (Cheri Oteri) is a librarian whose life's work in research and archiving can now be surpassed by the average Google search.

Andrew Legustambos

Sit Down, Shut Up - Andrew Legustambos
Andrew Legustambos (Nick Kroll) is the flamboyant drama teacher.


Sit Down, Shut Up Happy - Picture of Happy from Sit Down, Shut Up
Happy (Tom Kenny) is the plotting secretive custodian who's assumed to be Hispanic despite the fact that his real name is Muhannad Sabeeh Fa'ach Nuabar.
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