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'Penguins of Madagascar' Voices


The Penguins of Madagascar cartoon uses a cast of voices that sound deceptively just like the original actors who portrayed characters in the Madagascar movies. I marvel at how well the new cast has stepped into these roles, sounding enough like the original cast that I had to check the cast list of the Madagascar cartoon to see who was playing which character. I couldn't imagine Sacha Baron Cohen (King Julien) would have time for a Nick cartoon, and I was right. See who's tricking you with their talented voices in the Madagascar cartoon.

Tom McGrath (Movies, TV)

Tom McGrath
Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images
Tom McGrath (L) is the only cast member who is in both the Madagascar cartoon and movies. He plays Skipper, the leader of the penguin A-Team. Not surprising, since directed all three Madagascar movies. McGrath also provided voices for Gary in Shrek the Third and Wilson in Monsters vs. Aliens.

Sacha Baron Cohen (Movie)

Sacha Baron Cohen
Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images
Most moviegoers know the face of Sacha Baron Cohen from playing the title character in his movie Borat. TV watchers may remember him from Da Ali G Show. In the Madagascar movies, Sacha Baron Cohen plays my favorite character, King Julien, the delusional lemur.

Danny Jacobs (TV)

Danny Jacobs was a natural choice to play King Julien in Penguins of Madagascar. He's a pro at imitating Sacha Baron Cohen, which he did in Epic Movie as Borat. He played other characters, however, in Madagascar 3: Croupier and Circus Master.

Cedric the Entertainer (Movies)

Cedric the Entertainer
Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images
Cedric the Entertainer plays the second-in-command lemur, Maurice. His gravelly voice is well-known from his live-action stand-up routines and films, such as The Honeymooners.

Kevin Michael Richardson (TV)

Kevin Michael Richardson
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Kevin Michael Richardson imitates Maurice's rough voice in the Madagascar cartoon. Richardson is one of the most sought-after voice-over actors in Hollywood. In addition to playing Cleveland, Jr. on The Cleveland Show, ye also played Principal Lewis in American Dad and Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Andy Richter (Movies, TV)

Andy Richter
Kevin Winter / Getty Images
Andy Richter is most well-known as Conan O'Brien's sidekick on his late night talk shows. Andy Richter also starred in his own comedy, Andy Richter Controls the Universe. Richter's voice is not recognizable as the subservient Mort in the Madagascar movies, because it's so high-pitched. He continues to record Mort's voice for the TV cartoon.

Matt Nolan (TV, Video Games)

Actor Matt Nolan played Mort the lemur in Penguins of Madagascar for three episodes and the related video games. You may also recognize his voice as Brad in American Dragon: Jake Long.

Chris Miller (Movies)

Chris Miller
Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images
Chris Miller, who plays Kowalski in the Madagascar movies, is most well-known as being the director of Shrek the Third. In those movies, he is also the voice of the Magic Mirror. He also directed Puss in Boots.

Jeff Bennett (TV)

Voice actor Jeff Bennett has the honor of being Kowalski in the Madagascar cartoon. He's very busy in Hollywood, also giving voice to Prowl in Transformers: Animated, Red Hood in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and the Radio Announcer in The Legend of Korra.

John Di Maggio (TV)

John Di Maggio
Michael Buckner / Getty Images
Although Rico is not a new character, he finally has a real voice in the TV series. All that gagging and regurgitating is done by none other than John Di Maggio, who plays Bender in Futurama and Jake in Adventure Time.
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