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What I'd Like to See in Animated TV


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More Futurama DVD Movies
Leela, Bender and Fry on Futurama

"A Big Piece of Garbage"

Twentieth Century Fox
This one is kind of cheating, because we are already expecting three more straight-to-DVD movies for Futurama in 2008. But I still thought it was worth mentioning, because Bender's Big Score was everything I was hoping for. Watching "Bender's Big Score" was like catching up with an old friend; it was as if we had never parted. The creative team didn't try to change the successful formula, though they played with more adult humor since the show wouldn't be aired on TV. The plot was as zany, yet complicated (time travel always is) as usual, with a lot of heart thrown in. I can't wait for the next installments.
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