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Animation Techniques


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Cutout and Collage Animation
'South Park'

'South Park'

Comedy Central
Simple animation used on TV is usually a combination of cutout and collage techniques. Cutout animation uses, literally, models or puppets that have been cut from drawing paper or craft paper, possibly drawn or painted on. The pieces are then arranged loosely, or connected by fasteners and then arranged. Each pose or move is captured, then the model repositioned, and shot again.

Collage animation uses basically the same process, except the pieces that are animated are cut from photos, magazines, books or clipart. Using collage can bring a variety of textures to the same frame.

South Park is perhaps the most well-known animated TV show that uses cutout and collage animation. The characters are cutout, and occasionally collage animation is used, such as when creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker use photos of Mel Gibson or Saddam Hussein to animate characters.

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