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Fall 2013 Season Premieres


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'Bob's Burgers'
Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers


Premiere: Sunday, September 29 / 8:30 p.m. ET / FOX

Finally, Bob's Burgers is playing with the big boys in FOX's Animation Domination. Usually the young cartoon premieres in January, during the mid-season, but not this time.

The upcoming fourth season of the Emmy Award-nominated Bob's Burgers serves up some of Hollywood's tastiest stars, including Molly Shannon (Enlightened) as a classmate of Louise's, Will Forte (Gravity Falls) as a seaplane captain who gives Linda a flying lesson and Jordan Peele (Key and Peele) playing a retired football player who stars in a Super Bowl commercial for Bob's Burgers.

Other voices this season include Kathryn Hahn (Wanderlust), Bobcat Goldthwait (Jimmy Kimmel Live!), Rachel Dratch (Saturday Night Live), Matt Walsh (Veep) and returning guest voices Tim Meadows (Grown Ups 2), Gary Cole (Veep), Ken Jeong (Community), Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation), Megan Mullally (Axe Cop) and Jenny Slate (House of Lies).

At Comic-Con 2013, Loren Bouchard, creator of Bob's Burgers, gave the guests a sneak peek of the upcoming Christmas special for this season: Linda buys a Christmas tree too early and when it dies, the family has a difficult time finding another to replace it.

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