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'Speed Racer'


Speed Racer

Speed Racer


'Speed Racer':

Speed Racer debuted in 1967, igniting the Japanese anime cartoon craze in the United States. Though it was originally titled Mach GoGoGo, the English-dubbed series Speed Racer soon became a classic. A live-action Speed Racer movie was released in 2008.


Speed Racer follows the races and adventures of a young driver named Speed. Using his ultimate driving machine, the Mach 5, Speed not only competes in races, but many times defeats evil forces and saves his own skin. Many fans remember the quick-cut action and fast-moving lips of the animation.


Speed Racer (Peter Fernandez) is joined by Mom and Pops Racer, his girlfriend Trixie, his little brother Spritle and his pet monkey Chim Chim, the mechanic Sparky and the mysterious Racer X.


Kyoto-born brothers Tatsuo, Kenji, and Toyoharu Yoshida founded one of Japan's leading animation studios, the Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd., in Tokyo. In 1962 the brothers funded themselves and became an independent studio and on April 2, 1967 they debuted their second animated series, Mach Go Go Go. Go means "five" in Japanese. Based on a manga created by Tatsuo, according to Ippei, the series was based strictly on the brothers' all-out adoration of America.

My Two Cents:

Speed Racer holds a special place in my heart. As a child, no other cartoon on television had the same style, intrigue and action as Speed Racer. Who can't sing, by heart, the theme song? The tight bonds of the family, the fantasy of the amazing Mach 5 and the good vs. evil plots of Speed Racer kept me hooked.
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