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'Neighbors from Hell'


Neighbors From Hell - Family

Neighbors From Hell - Family

Turner Broadcasting

'Neighbors from Hell':

Neighbors from Hell is the first primetime animated comedy from TBS. Neighbors from Hell is an animated comedy that premiered on TBS on June 7, 2010.


Neighbors from Hell centers on the Hellmans, a typical, all-American suburban family. The only thing that distinguishes them from the rest of the folks in the neighborhood is that the Hellmans happen to be from Hell. They have been sent to Earth to pose as normal suburbanites with a mission to keep humans from finding their way to Hell. Their task is made all the more complicated by Balthazor's growing affection for humans and their odd but endearing qualities.


The Hellman family includes husband and father Balthazor (Will Sasso, MadTV), his wife, Tina (Molly Shannon, Saturday Night Live), their two children, Mandy (Tracey Fairaway) and Josh (David Soren)and their dog, Pazuzu (Patton Oswalt, Ratatouille). Balthazor's boss is the politically incorrect Kilbride (Kurtwood Smith, Worst Week) and Chevdet (Kyle McCulloch) is his Turkish co-worker.


Neighbors from Hell comes from Fox TV Animation and MoonBoy Animation. Pam Brady (South Park), who wrote the pilot episode, and Mireille Soria (Madagascar) will serve as executive producers.
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