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'Gumby' Essentials Volume 1 DVD


Gumby Essentials Volume 1 DVD

Gumby Essentials Volume 1 DVD

Classic Media, Inc.

Gumby History:

Legendary animator and producer, Art Clokey, created Gumby using stop-motion animation in the mid-1950s and soon after, the clayboy received his very own Saturday morning TV series. The Gumby Show debuted on March 16, 1957 on NBC. Since then, Gumby has gone on to star in 223 TV episodes which were produced in the 50s, 60s and 80s along with one feature film made in the 90's. Gumby is celebrating his 50th TV anniversary this year, 2007. A new re-mastered director's cut of the popular 1995 Gumby: The Movie also premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival to tremendous fanfare.

Gumby Creation:

In a press release from Classic Media, Joe Clokey, President of Clokey Productions, said, "Gumby was created as a gift of love for the child in all of us. Brought to life by my dad's imagination and artistic vision, Gumby continues to have great appeal today. This is the must-have collection of the first 50 years of Gumby's amazing adventures. My dad and I are thrilled to share the stories from Gumby Essentials with fans of all ages."

Gumby Essentials Vol. 1 DVD:

Gumby episodes included are from the 1950s, 1960s and 1980s, plus "Robot Rumpus," "The Groobee," "The Wild Horse," "Too Loo," "Hidden Valley," "The Knight Mare," "Rain Spirits," "Ricochet Pete," "Goo's Pies," "In The Dough," "The Small Planets," "To Bee Or Not To Bee," "The Racing Game," "Gumby Crosses the Delaware" and "Kid Brother, Kid." Compare prices for Gumby Essentials Vol. 1 DVD.

Gumby Essentials Bonus Features:

Extras include Art Clokey's original 1953 theatrical short "Gumbasia," re-mastered pilot episode "Gumby on the Moon," 1960s re-mastered Gumby theme song and introduction, rare Gumby bumpers and character bios.

My Two Cents:

I'm happy to see that Gumby is being released in a re-mastered digital version. My generation may only know of Gumby because of the Saturday Night Live skits of the 80s featuring Eddie Murphy. Now kids and adults can discover a TV show that was a pioneer in stop-motion animation for TV. Robot Chicken owes Gumby for a unique style.

The stories and character development, however, are not as clever. Each character is like the next and stories tend to meander, getting lost in each other. This simplicity makes Gumby easy for kids to digest.

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