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'Archer' Pictures

Pictures of Sterling, Malory, Lana and Cyril


Archer is an animated comedy about Sterling Archer, codename "Duchess," who works for an international spy agency called ISIS. Just so happens his mother, Malory, runs the agency. He works with his ex-girlfriend, Agent Lana Kane, and her new beau, Cyril Figgis, making for awkward and violent situations. The humor is definitely adult and the stories are complicated. Enjoy these pictures from the Archer cartoon on FX.
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The Man from Jupiter - Archer"The Man from Jupiter"El Contador - Archer"El Contador"Archer and Burt Reynolds - ArcherNervous Archer and Burt ReynoldsLo Scandolo - Archer"Lo Scandolo"
Burt Reynolds - Archer - WoodhouseKidnappedBurt Reynolds - ArcherBurt ReynoldsArcher and Burt Reynolds - ArcherArcher and Burt ReynoldsEl Contador - Lana Cyril and Archer - Archer"El Contador"
El Contador - Lana and Archer - Archer"El Contador"Cheryl - ArcherCherylArcher Picture - Season 2Tragical HistoryPam - Cheryl - Agent Ray Gillette - ArcherApartment

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