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Lion-O on Steed

Lion-O rides to survey the havoc wreaked by the Lizard Army

Cartoon Network

On July 29, 2011 Cartoon Network will premiere the reimagining of the classic 1980s animated series ThunderCats. On Third Earth, the kingdom of Thundera is being threatened by the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra, and Lion-O, the young heir to the throne, embarks on a great quest to take his rightful place as king.

Main Characters

Lion-O is the Lord of the ThunderCats and wields the mighty Sword of Omens, the most powerful weapon on Third Earth. His rather is pressuring him to become a strong king instead of a fun-loving prince. But he is a fearless leader and never hesitates to jump into the fight (even when it gets him in trouble).

Tygra is the adopted older brother of Lion-O and next in line for the crown. He is a little jealous of his younger sibling, but far too confident to sit out during a battle. Tygra frequently challenges his brother to contests of skill and strength, just to prove he's still the better warrior. With the help of his whip, Tygra is able to turn invisible and is an expert marksman.

Trained under her mentor, the wizard Jaga, Cheetara is a powerful magician and the last living Cleric. Her duty is to protect Lion-O and the Sword of Omens at all costs. She's the fastest ThunderCat in Thundera and no one has ever beaten her in a race. She's also an expert fighter, both with her staff and in hand-to-hand combat.

Mumm-Ra is a sorcerer supreme and his name alone strikes fear into the hearts of animals across Third Earth. The cats believed he was a myth, but he returns to steal the Sword of Omens and will destroy anything that stands in his way. When he summons the strength of the Ancient Spirits of Evil, he's able to transform from a withered mummy into an all-powerful monster that only Lion-O to stop.

Other Characters


Mumm-Ra is an ancient evil that has developed new technologies to assist with his plan to rule all of Third Earth.

Cartoon Network

Wilykit and Wilykat
Orphaned kitten siblings and pickpockets, Wilykit and Wilykat are searching for Eldara, the fabled city of treasure. When things get hairy, Kit plays her magical Flupe to hypnotize enemies while Kat uses his amazing Flink to grapple his way up to heights others can't reach.

The general of the lizard army, Slithe hates the cats more than anyone. He was defeated in war after war with the ThunderCats until he joined forces with Mumm-Ra. With the help of Mumm-Ra's technology, Slithe becomes a powerful enemy to the cat.


Ethan Spaulding spent ten years as an animator for The Simpsons, eventually working his way up to assistant director. He has also been an artist and director for Green Lantern: First Flight, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Michael Jelenic started as a writer, working on several animated series including The Batman, a series for which he received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program. Jelenic went on to work on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, beginning as a writer and story editor, and working his way up to producer.

Executive Producer Sam Register serves as Executive Vice President, Creative Affairs, at Warner Bros. Animation.Previously, he was an animation executive and, later, producer at Cartoon Network for 10 years, where he developed animated series such as Ben 10 and Teen Titans.

My Two Cents


Although Tygra is older than Lion-O, he is not in line to inherit the throne since he was adopted by their father, Claudus.

Cartoon Network
I was excited when I started watching this new incarnation of ThunderCats because it had the sweeping epic look of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The story still pull you in with its mythology and strong characters. But the dialogue was clunky and sometimes too immature for my taste, though I enjoy hearing the voices of Kevin Michael Richardson and Dee Bradley Baker. Hopefully the rest of Lion-O's journey to be king will be told more thoughtfully and eloquently.
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