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'Allen Gregory'

Meet Allen Gregory

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Allen Gregory Family Portrait

Allen Gregory Family Portrait

Allen Gregory, the most pretentious 7-year-old of our time, is about to embark on his greatest challenge yet: attending elementary school with children his own age. Previously he has been feted and lauded and living a very luxurious life. But now that his two fathers have invested poorly, he must attend public school. Allen Gregory will premiere Sunday, October 30, 2011.


Main character Allen Gregory de Longpre (Jonah Hill, Get Him to the Greek) sees himself as intelligent, sophisticated, worldly, artistic and romantic. He has allegedly composed operas, written novels and dated Chloë Sevigny.

Allen Gregory shares a strong bond with his doting father, Richard (French Stewart, 3rd Rock from the Sun).

Jeremy (Nat Faxon, The Cleveland Show) is Richard's partner, who annoys Allen Gregory.

Julie (Joy Osmanski, True Jackson, VP) is Allen Gregory's adopted Cambodian sister, who lives with them in their architecturally stunning loft.

Allen Gregory's second-grade teacher is Gina Winthrop (Leslie Mann, The Change Up), who he sees as a rival.

He has an unexpected crush on Principal Judith Gottlieb (Renee Taylor, The Nanny) his 68-year-old principal.

He desperately wants to be friends with Joel Zadak (Jake Johnson, No Strings Attached), the school's popular stud.

Allen Gregory is helped through elementary school by his trusty friend and assistant, student Patrick Vanderweel (Cristina Pucelli, The Rugrats: All Growed Up), and Superintendent Stewart Rossmyre (Will Forte, MacGruber).

Carl Trent (JB Smoove, Curb Your Enthusiasm) gives Allen Gregory (don't forget that middle name!) sage advice for comedy breaks.


Allen Gregory Classroom

Allen Gregory Classroom


Actor Jonah Hill co-created and voices the lead character in the series Allen Gregory, which was co-created by Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul.

In a press release, Jonah Hill said, "Now I can finally make that show I've always wanted to make about high school kids singing and dancing in some sort of a 'singing-club' type program at their school. Wait... what? There already is a show like that on Fox? What? It's like the most popular show ever? Uh-oh."

More seriously, Fox has first look rights to anything coming from JHF, the new production banner of Jonah Hill. "I wanted to create JHF so I and all of the talented writers I know could write funny and interesting television shows that we'd love to see: Allen Gregory being the first, and hopefully many more to follow," said Hill. "I am a lucky guy to get to do what I do for a living, and hope to help create that opportunity for talented young writers and performers."

My Two Cents

This character, Allen Gregory, isn't really a 7-year-old; he's a jerk-off Hollywood suit in a tiny body. Watching the screener I get the feeling that Jonah Hill is riffing on his experience in Hollywood, and the upper management is eating it up because it's about them. And what high-paid executive with a big ego doesn't love a cute cartoon all about them?

Yes, Allen Gregory, the child, is condescending, but so is the cartoon. So little of the story is relatable I don't know how an audience will connect with it. The only likeable characters are poor Jeremy, trapped in a gay relationship he has no interest in; Julie, the adopted sister who knows she's living with jerks; and the principal, who refuses to be impressed by the reputation of the de Longpre family reputation.

The only aspect of the show I find funny is Allen Gregory's passionate crush on his older, overweight principal. His obsession with her is funny because it's unexpected and she's one of the only characters who can't stand Allen Gregory, something this show needs badly.

To me, this is a series with a short life ahead of it. Nielsen will tell.

Allen Gregory and Principal Gottlieb

Allen Gregory and Principal Gottlieb

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Allen Gregory..., Member AndsoOn

So the show gets canceled. I remember a time when Family Guy was seen as too edgy. Before that people would say ""I can't believe Bart Simpsom is still on television"". The show spoke a variety of people. To include those that ""know it all"" and really don't. Folks that some how end up in positions that are crazy, but somehow makes it work. As with the character Jeremy. And the kid growing up, who know a lot but doesn't have a clue on how to use what he knows. As we all do in some case or another. Oh well, another show gone, but I'm certain, the praise of those that don't have any wit about them at all will be entertained by Napleon. Fail...

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