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'Robot Chicken'

Pictures of Seth Green, George W. Bush, Rachel Leigh Cook and More


Robot Chicken was created by actor Seth Green (Austin Powers) and Matthew Senreich, who used to edit the magazine Toyfare. The show uses a technique called stop-motion animation, employing legions of action figures to parody everything from Harry Potter to the Tooth Fairy to Transformers.

See pictures from a few episodes of Robot Chicken.

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Robot Chicken Pictures - Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore'Battlestar Galactica' Ron MooreRobot Chicken Pictures - Dick Cheney as Iron ManIron CheneyRobot Chicken Pictures - He-Man Taps a KegHe-ManRobot Chicken Pictures - Indiana Jones Spoof on Robot Chicken'Indiana Jones'
Robot Chicken Pictures - Star Trek Khan'Star Trek'Robot Chicken Picture - Jason Vorhees gets dressed on Robot ChickenJason VorheesRobot Chicken Pictures - Seth MacFarlane Disses Seth Green and Matthew SenreichSeth MacFarlaneRobot Chicken Pictures - Pluto Nash Day'Pluto Nash' Day
Robot Chicken Pictures - Adventures of the 800 Pound Man800 lb. ManRobot Chicken Pictures - Christmas in MexicoSantaRobot Chicken Pictures - PaRappa the Rapper Goes to JailPaRappaRobot Chicken Pictures - Man cut in half by subway on Robot ChickenSubway Man
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