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'Robot Chicken' Episode Guide

Season 4


The season 4 episode guide for Robot Chicken includes episodes with Tila Tequila, Punky Brewster and O.J. Simpson. Following are the titles, descriptions and air dates for the 2008 - 2009 season of Robot Chicken.

#61 "Help Me"
December 7, 2008
Tila Tequila reveals a deadly secret: she's a robot! What if PaRappa the Rapper had to rap for his life? Movie and TV favorites are trimmed down to "Just the Good Parts."

#62 "They Took My Thumbs"
December 14, 2008
A contractor builds temples for the Indiana Jones movies. A salesman has a life-changing accident in the subway. Three days in the life of Jason Voorhees. The Justice League heroes bring their sidekicks to work.

#63 "I'm Trapped"
December 21, 2008
The aftermath of The Adventures of Pluto Nash is shown. Learn about James Bond's sex life. Dick Cheney becomes Tony Stark's unexpected ally. Skeletor plots with an imperfect He-Man clone.

#64 "In a DVD Factory"
December 28, 2008
Find out the only way to kill a werewolf! Discover the secret origin of Composite Santa! The creators imagine a deleted scene from Daredevil. Hannah Montana has a date... with murder!

#65 "Tell My Mom"
January 4, 2009
Joey Fatone pitches his idea for a sketch. Gobots prove they're no Transformers. The creators imagine where Billy Joel might get his musical inspirations from. SpongeBob is a father. If you have a problem and the A-Team's not available, try calling the B-Team.

#66 "P.S. Yes, In That Way"
January 11, 2009
Strawberry Shortcake solves a robbery. Billy Dee Williams goes shopping. The creators imagine what happens when Harry introduces his cousin to the Hendersons. Plus G.I. Joe welcomes a new member.

#67 "Love, Maurice"
January 18, 2009
The creators imagine how Babar might rule with an iron tusk. O. J. searches for his ex-wife's killer. Which Terminator would Skynet send back in time. Plus, check out the latest superhero movie, Kid Venison.

#68 "Two Weeks Without Food"
January 25, 2009
Discover what happened when Dorothy left the Land of Oz. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is shown as an opera. How would the addition of Little Iron Man to the Avengers team might play out. Speed Racer competes in the world of NASCAR. See the latest episode of MTV's The Hills.

#69 "But Not In That Way"
February 1, 2009
The Giving Tree has much to give. Everyone loves InuYasha. The creators imagine what happens when Punky Brewster discovers puberty. Who might Stephen King's new neighbor be? Black Manta narrates about Joker's life in Arkham Asylum in "The Arkham Redemption."

#70 "I Love Her"
February 8, 2009
The creators imagine how Freddy Krueger got his start. What would happen if the Monchhichis drew first blood. Criss Angel delivers the Ultimate Mind Freak at Hogwarts. The last ingredient to making the Powerpuff Girls is cocaine. See what a day with the Lohans might be like.

#71 "We Are a Humble Factory"
July 26, 2009
The creators imagine an alternate ending to Armageddon. What would the newest Star Trek character look like? The Creature from the Black Lagoon creates the newest monster-based cereal. You are treated to the excitement that is M.A.S.K. Meet the WWE's new up and coming challenger.

#72 "Maurice Was Caught"
August 2, 2009
Simon Belmont knows what works. Kermit the Frog introduces everyone to his cousin. Jean-Claude just don't give a Van Damme. Annie Warbucks celebrates her super sweet 16.

#73 "Unionizing Our Labor"
August 9, 2009
Medieval Dukes of Hazard. The downward spiral of the Libertarian Party. Transients begin to wear Clark Kent's clothing. The creators imagine "Wii Fit: Humping Robot". The frog retaliates to the scorpion and the gerbil with violence. Smurfs engage in war with Snorks.

#74 "President Hu Forbids It"
August 16, 2009
The Batmobile loses its wheel. Spend a night with Jack Sparrow. Witness The Joker's plan backfire. What happens when Chris Hansen can't catch a predator? How Dr. Manhattan's nudity might be a problem. Plus Gyro-Robo adds some depth to D&D.

#75 "Due to Constraints of Time and Budget"
August 23, 2009
Indiana Jones knows when to keep his eyes shut. Transformers mourn a fallen hero. What goes on in a Yellow Submarine. Help Morton discover the land of What-Whatville. Examine the kind of role-model that Barbie is. Meet the new Transporter.

#76 "The Ramblings of Maurice"
August 30, 2009
Batman gets a new look at Two Face. G.I. Joe celebrates years in service. What the next Traveling Pants movie might look like. Plus a new Dark Crystal for the next generation.

#77 "Cannot Be Erased, So Sorry"
September 6, 2009
John Connor gets his first Terminator. Bullhorns ruin everyone's lives. A new video game comes out. Fantasy Island has some unwanted guests. Cobra Commander tries to order at a drive-thru. The Crow, Optimus Prime and Lion-o guest star in a sick and twisted parody of i<>The Wizard of Oz.

#78 "Please Do Not Notify Our Contractors"
September 13, 2009

#79 "Especially the Animal Keith Crofford!"
September 20, 2009

#80 "Dear Consumer"
December ??, 2009
Season Finale

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