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'Robot Chicken' Episode Guide

Season 1


Rachel Leigh Cook on

Rachel Leigh Cook on "Robot Chicken"

Turner Broadcasting System

The first season of Robot Chicken was exciting because it brought back the antics of Celebrity Deathmatch but with an edgier and more contemporary humor. Following are the episode titles, air dates and descriptions of the 2005 episodes of Robot Chicken.

#1 "The Deep End"
April 10, 2005
Find out what happens when seven superheroes are forced to live under one roof in "The Real World: Metropolis." Then catch Adm. James T. Kirk, Khan Noonian Singh and Kirk Cameron at work in a pizza joint in "Two Kirks, a Khan and a Pizza Place." Someone is on a mission to track down the Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny in "Kill Bunny." Lastly, go backstage for America's favorite undead reality show, "Zombie Idol."

#2 "Junk in the Trunk"
February 20, 2005
See what happened after the cameras stopped rolling on Rachel Leigh Cook's memorable public service announcement. Also, witness the tragic end to one of the most beloved Transformers of all time, Optimus Prime. And no one will want to miss the outcome of "The World's Most One-Sided Fistfights Caught on Film." Plus, watch the wacky outtakes that were never meant for public view in "Bloopers."

#3 "Nightmare Generator"
June 19, 2005
The classic film Jaws gets a special edition DVD. Scandal at the North Pole is revealed in "Unsolved Case Files: Claus and Effect." The A-Team solves its problems with maximum firepower and minimal intelligence.

#4 "The Sack"
July 3, 2005
See what the future holds in "Carousel of Tomorrow." The modern video game Halo invades the old-school classic Donkey Kong. It's Alien vs. Predator on the battleground of love in a special episode of First Date. Also see Popeye and the Stix Rabbit.

#5 "Nutcracker Sweet"
February 27, 2005
"You Got Robo-Served" brings Voltron, the Defender of the Universe, to center stage in a breakdancing contest against Robeast. In "Secrets of the Animal Kingdom," an educational trip into nature reveals the secrets behind the mongoose, hyena and lemming. Finally, deep into the underground tunnels of Disney World, Walt Disney's head lives on and feeds on Cuban children.

#6 "Gold Dust Gasoline"
March 6, 2005
"Missing the Ark" reveals the truth behind the animals that made it onto Noah's Ark. Go into a third-grade classroom to hear a kid's version of heroism, true love and fart jokes in "The Best Cowboy." Then, join Vin Diesel, Batman and Robin, Michael Knight and KITT, along with a multitude of others, in "3 Fast 3 Furious."

#7 "Kiddie Pool"
June 12, 2005

#8 "Plastic Buffet"
March 13, 2005
In "Meteorgeddon," Harrison Ford and Aerosmith fly off to stop an asteroid that could destroy the Earth. See what happens when pet owners strap their animals to skis, sending them down steep hills and off cliffs in the Winter Pet Games. Then, watch Chucky get the stuffing knocked out of him when he steps into the lair of the Lettuce Head Kids. The post-Muppet Show history of Dr. Teeth and his band is revealed in "Behind the Music: Electric Mayhem."

#9 "A Piece of the Action"
April 3, 2005
Super-villains and washed-up TV personalities like Corey Feldman, Vanilla Ice and Erik Estrada band together on a quest to Mordor in an attempt to destroy the One Ring in "The Surrealer Life." "Exhausted Budget Theater" uses popsicle sticks to re-enact the beloved classic Debbie Does Dallas. And "The Cons of War" shows the truth behind the mysterious veil of comics/sci-fi conventions filled with geeks, dorks and Leonard Nimoy.

#10 "Toyz in the Hood"
March 20, 2005
The tooth fairy stumbles onto murder in "Tooth and Consequences." The world's most terrifying supervillians get stuck in traffic. Plus, more of television's best screw-ups from Friends and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

#11 "Vegetable Funfest"
March 27, 2005
The secrets of The Crying Game, Star Wars and The Village are revealed in "Welcome to the Spoilers." The Teen Titans strengthen their roster by adding Beavis and Butt-head. Travel back in time to witness Benny Hill's funeral. The Great Pumpkin of Peanuts fame finally shows itself--and starts killing everyone in sight.

#12 "S&M Present"
April 17, 2005
The last surviving member of N'Sync, Joey Fatone, must avenge his murdered bandmates in a deadly martial arts tournament. Check out a little scrambled porn on yoru 1980's-era cable box. M. Night Shyamalan has endless fake-outs in store for viewers in "The Twist."

#13 "Badunkadunk"
April 24, 2005
The roller-coaster celebrity life of the Hulk is profiled in "Hollywood Spotlight." The Masters of the Universe are rocked by a Paris Hilton-style sex tape. Michael Jackson returns from space to confront his n'er-do-well alter ego in "Where's Michael?"

#14 "Toy Meets Girl"
May 1, 2005
William Shatner's toupee has adventures the action star can only dream of. Heaven's not all it's cracked up to be in "Can We Handle the Truth?" Hilary Duff's new film combines history and teen drama in an updated "The Diary of Anne Frank." The fates of the greatest action figure toy lines from decades past are exposed in "Where Are They Now?" with host Michael Moore.

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