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Robot Chicken

Learn more about the stop-motion comedy Robot Chicken created by actor Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. See pictures, learn about the premise, and more.

Robot Chicken Show Guide
A show guide for Robot Chicken. Learn more about the stop-motion comedy on Adult Swim. Character descriptions, premise, guest stars, background and more.

Robot Chicken Episode Guide - Season 1
The premiere season of Robot Chicken includes hysterical episodes where we see what happened after the cameras stopped rolling on Rachel Leigh Cook’s memorable public service announcement, and super-villains and washed-up TV personalities like Corey Feldman, Vanilla Ice and Erik Estrada band together on a quest to Mordor in an attempt to destroy the One Ring in "The Surrealer Life."

Robot Chicken Episode Guide - Season 2
Use this episode guide for the second season of Robot Chicken, including episodes that feature Fred Flintstone, the ThunderCats, Darth Vader and Fidel Castro.

Robot Chicken Episode Guide - Season 3
An episode guide for Robot Chicken season 3, including titles, descriptions and air dates for episodes.

Robot Chicken Episode Guide - Season 4
An episode guide for season 4 of Robot Chicken, including titles, descriptions and air dates.

Robot Chicken Pictures
Pictures from Robot Chicken, the popular stop-motion animation series on Adult Swim, including President Bush and Rachel Leigh Cook.

Matthew Senreich Interview
Interview with Robot Chicken co-creator Matthew Senreich about making the second Star Wars special. Matthew Senreich talks about the animation process, writing and working with George Lucas.

Top Picks for Stop-Motion Animation
If you like "Robot Chicken" on Adult Swim, you'll like these stop-motion animation DVDs and videos, too.

Robot Chicken: Star Wars
Every clip from the masterful and hilarious Robot Chicken spoof of Star Wars, packaged in a shiny web site.

Ten Minutes with the Robot Chicken Guys
A fun Q&A with the co-head writers and co-producers of Adult Swim's Robot Chicken. They answer questions about the origin and the animation process.

Robot Chicken Season 5
A list of episodes and extras for Robot Chicken Season 5 on DVD.

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