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Sleep, Ralph Wiggum

by Laurel Jenkins-Crowe


Ralph Wiggum

Ralph Wiggum

Twentieth Century Fox

Sleep, Ralph Wiggum, and dream of conquest.
Dream of a heavy horned head.
Sleep, Ralph Wiggum, rape and pillage.
Dream armed gods and gouts of blood.

Conquerer Wiggum, when you wake
You will be as wonderful a child
As Keats or Coleridge: bizarre,
Chubby, tormented by the other children.

Sleep, Ralph Wiggum and dream revenge.
Dream dragons and bucklers.
Sleep: This is where your friends are.
The light world will be here when you wake.

Sleep, Ralph Wiggum. Dream a world
That honors your interior:
Where an imaginary pet is a staus symbol.
Sleep, Ralph Wiggum, and run free.

It won't be long, Viking Wiggum,
Before you must decide:
A cop like Daddy and a home in the light world,
Or Ralph Wiggum, Romantic Poet?

Sleep on, Ralph Wiggum, eater of worms.
Dream of a plague and wraiths in armor.
Sleep, Ralph Wiggum, dream dark dreams:
The light world will be here when you wake.

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