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'The Simpsons' Pictures


Every fan of The Simpsons knows that one of the reasons Springfield is so fun and interesting is the folks who live there other than Homer and his clan. Here are pictures of the other Simpsons characters we love to laugh at, including Krusty the Clown, Chief Wiggum, Moe, Apu, Barney and Milhouse.
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Captain McCallister  - The SimpsonsCaptain McCallisterItchy and ScratchyItchy and ScratchyKrusty the ClownKrusty the ClownKrusty the ClownKrusty the Clown
Sideshow BobSideshow BobSideshow MelSideshow MelHans MolemanHans MolemanMoe SzyslakMoe Szyslak
Barney GumbleBarney GumbleMilhouse Van HoutenMilhouse Van HoutenPrincipal SkinnerPrincipal Seymour SkinnerEdna KrabappelEdna Krabappel

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