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The Simpsons ASCII Art

Type Your Own Simpsons Picture


The Simpsons ASCII art allows you to give your email messages a little individuality. Before there were fancy graphics and icons, people used text characters, typed right from the keyboard, to create pictures and clever jokes.

Now you can become an ASCII (pronounced as-kee) artist! There are two ways to add ASCII pictures to your messages and posts:

1. Type the spaces and characters to match your favorite ASCII art. This may be tedious, depending on the size of your image.

2. Highlight the art you find with your mouse, copy it and paste it into your message, or into a text file you can save for later. Make sure you look at it before sending it. Sometimes characters and spaces shift when you copy and paste ASCII art.

Simple ASCII Art
First you should master simple ASCII art, such as the smiley faces :-) and winks ;-) often used in chats, emails and newsgroups to express emotions.

Mike Durrett, About's guide to humor, has suggestions for easy ASCII art you can use.

Works of ASCII Art
Some ASCII art isn't meant to be included in the closing of a message. Larger ASCII pictures are fun to share and to admire.

"The Simpsons" Archive
They have posted a large billboard of the Simpson family sitting below the opening title.

Last Exit to Springfield
Here's an abundance of ASCII that's fun to gander at. This gallery includes text renderings of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, as well as Apu, Itchy & Scratchy, Blinky, and more.

The Twisted World of Marge Simpson
Shows Marge kissing Homer, Marge waving and smiling, and Marge's head. Again, these are large sections of text, so they're for gawking at, not really for email signatures.

Springfield Weekly
Offers 46 different ASCII art of Bart alone. Get ASCII art for the whole family.

Of course, if you decide to use any of the art you find on the Internet, you should always ask the artist for permission.

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