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'The Amazing World of Gumball'



The Amazing World of Gumball is about a young cat attending school, dealing with his parents and friends. The cartoon features a variety of characters. Some are pastel-colored animals. Others are cut-outs from art supplies. Learn more about the main characters from The Amazing World of Gumball.


Gumball - The Amazing World of Gumball
Cartoon Network
Twelve-year-old Gumball is a charming cat with an incurable optimism. He's always positive, even when the fruits of his enthusiasm backfire spectacularly. Gumball will try anything once. No matter what happens as a result of his schemes, Gumball always bounces back, even if the only thing he learns from his mistakes is how to make more of them.


Darwin - The Amazing World of Gumball
Cartoon Network
Ten-year-old Darwin is a goldfish. He's also Gumball's best friend. Whatever Gumball is up to, Darwin's in on it too. While he's very loyal, Darwin may miss the nuances of some situations primarily because he's inexperienced in the ways of the world. Darwin used to be the family pet until he sprouted legs and joined Gumball's class at school. He still sleeps in a fishbowl, even though he's a little too big for it. He's innocent and gentle and he's always there to support Gumball when things are at their worst.


Anais - The Amazing World of Gumball
Cartoon Network
Although Anais is a four-year-old pink bunny, she looks after her older brother Gumball, Darwin and their dad. Anais is extremely intelligent. She pretty much looks after the whole family while mom's at work.


Mom - The Amazing World of Gumball
Cartoon Network

Mom, the blue cat, is the money maker and the person who sorts things out. She's the picture of a perfect mother, giving attention to Anais, treating Darwin like her own child and encouraging Gumball. She's also the family pitbull, defending her brood at every turn. Plus, she can dish out the punishment when Gumball gets in trouble.


Dad - The Amazing World of Gumball
Cartoon Network
Dad is a giant pink rabbit and stay-at-home dad who is supposed to look after the kids, but spends most of his time playing video games and watching daytime TV. He's a well-intentioned, supportive dad and devoted to his kids but also just a little under-prepared for life.


Carrie - The Amazing World of Gumball
Cartoon Network

Carrie is a ghost, sure, but an Emo ghost. She suffers from bouts of depression and attitude. She is painted in 3D. One of the things she misses most is eating food, but she remedies that problem when she takes over Gumball's body.

Tina Rex

Tina Rex - The Amazing World of Gumball
Cartoon Network

Tina Rex may be a dinosaur, but she's still one of the gang at Elmore Junior High School. She is curious and quick to be-friend, or bully, depending on the situation.


Alan - The Amazing World of Gumball
Cartoon Network

Alan is one of the most popular boys in Gumball's class. He has a crush on Carmen, but they are destined to remain apart. Why? See below.


Carmen - The Amazing World of Gumball
Cartoon Network

Carmen is a cactus. She's sweet and friendly. Sadly, she has a crush on Alan who would burst if they could only be together.


Bobert - The Amazing World of Gumball
Cartoon Network

Bobert is a robot. He's Miss Simian's teacher's pet. However he does want to be more like the other kids, which proves to be a disaster for Gumball.


William - The Amazing World of Gumball
Cartoon Network

William tells on his classmates all the time. He's Miss Simian's snitch. Get it? See any Harry Potter movies? William better watch out or he'll be locked in a crate and only let out for Quidditch games.

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