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Sexy Cartoon Characters


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Sexy Cartoon Characters
Ten and Six in

Ten and Six in "Android Love" on 'Tripping the Rift'

Sy Fy

Sexy cartoon characters aren't new. Curvy cutie Betty Boop was bopping her hips in the '30s, not to mention bombshells who showed up in animated shorts, like Red in 1945's Droopy cartoon, titled Wild and Woofy.

One of the most popular forms of cartoons that feature both attractive females and males is anime. You can't shake a sword in one of those animated adventures without hitting several gals with cleavage to spare or guys with popping pecs.

Bypassing fetishes for a certain type of cartoon character (I'm looking at you, anthropomorphics), several cartoon characters on popular primetime carton series are attractive enough to get anybody's engines revving.

Let's take a look at several of the sexiest cartoon characters on TV.

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