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From the very first issue of the magazine in 1952, MAD has satirized and parodied the pop cultural landscape. Its irreverent heart still beats strong. In this new MAD original animated series, this same sense of the ridiculous is delivered with fresh relevance. The show is the magazine brought to animated life, from spoof mash-ups like CSiCarly to Avaturds to The Fantastic Megan Fox to commercial parodies like Toys4Brats. Browse these pictures from the MAD cartoon.
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Jedi Negotiator - MADJedi NegotiatorSleepy Cloud - MADSleepy CloudVictorian Dance Party - MADVictorian Dance PartyAlvin and Snake - MADAlvin and Snake
Spy vs. Spy - MAD - Cartoon - AnimatedSpy vs. SpyDon Martin Restaurant - MAD - Cartoon - AnimatedDon MartinZombi - MAD - Cartoon - AnimatedZombiMovie Parody - Mad - Cartoon - AnimatedMovie Parody
NetTricks - MAD - Cartoon - AnimatedNetTricksMAD Poster - Alfred E. Newman - Cartoon - AnimatedPoster
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