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"Treehouse of Horror" Web Site


"Treehouse of Horror" Web Site

Matty Jorissen

Here Come "The Simpsons":

When you visit the site at www.blunderdome.com you are greeted with music and an opening sequence that might as well be on television. The opening includes spooky music and graphics, such as The Springfield Cemetery (watch those tombstones) and one unlucky Springfieldian hanging from a tree. (I won't give away who it is!) Finally, you come to a fun menu that includes lots of animation. Move your mouse all over the screen to see every moving cartoon.

Kang Is No Regis:

Definitely don't miss "Who Wants to Be an Alien Millionaire?" Kang (or Kodos) asks Homer trivia from various T.O.H episodes. The camera closes in on Homer just as it does on the real-life game show. And the graphics are similar, too. Hysterical!

Mmm, Donut:

"You are Homer and you try to eat all the donut, but don't eat the forbidden one.." Beware: this game is as addictive as donuts with sprinkles. You must move Homer back and forth with your mouse to eat as many donuts as possible, without eating the forbidden one or dropping any good ones. When you're out of lives, Ned Flanders (the devil) sends you to Hell. Good luck!

On the Couch:

One section is devoted to couch gags. The couch gags include one of "Life is Hell" characters, and one of the family as vampires. Unfortunately, there's no sound. The couch gags are nicely drawn, but I would love to see more scenes.

Character Profiles? Eeeexcellent:

This is a fun way to learn more about some of the memorable character of the T.O.H. series. Each character is profiled and displays some kind of clever animation. There's also a multimedia section, a Game Boy simulation, and a guestbook to sign.

Interview with Web Master Matty:

I interviewed Matty Jorissen about his "Treehouse of Horror" creation. Read on to discover the work behind the art.

About Animated TV: What inspired you to create this site about Treehouse of Horror?
Matty: Well, I wanted to have something original. I'm a big fan of "The Simpsons," and of course of the "Treehouse of Horror" series. I noticed no one had made a site about "Treehouse of Horror" yet.

AATV: Where did you get your wonderful graphics?
M: I made them myself. I'm in art school, but if I have to make a character that's hard to draw, I pause my VCR and draw it. Then I scan it in and draw it again in Flash.

AATV: What process did you follow to create this site in Flash? (No need to give your secrets away. Just a general answer would be great.)
M: I made a design on paper, thought of what would me cool to put in. Then I made the design in Flash and added and deleted a few things.

AATV: How difficult was it to create the site?
M: Pretty hard, because it was the first time I used Flash. I was a bit lucky, because I can draw pretty well.

AATV: Have you noticed a difference in traffic to your site?
M: In the beginning I had only 20 to 40 visitors a day. These days, I'm getting 200 to 300 visitors a day.

AATV: What kind of response have you received from fans?
M: I'm only getting positive reactions. They all say it's amazing.

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