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'Neighbors from Hell'

Back from Hell

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Neighbors From Hell - Family

Neighbors From Hell - Family

Turner Broadcasting
Neighbors from Hell follows Balthazor Hellman and his family of demons as they are sent to Earth in order to stop a drill that can tunnel straight to hell. They are forced to live normal lives and to get along with their dysfunctional humans. They deal with substance-abusing neighbors and obsessive pet owners.

Twisted But Average Storyline

The structure of Neighbors from Hell is a very standard American family sitcom, but with demons. They are forced to act normal, never use their powers and deal with insane neighbors and work situations. While the storyline may have a twist to it, the formula feels like it's been done before. There are humorous scenes, such as the family basing their human lives on TV shows like Family Ties and The Cosby Show, but it just doesn't seem all that fresh. However, the storyline isn't the focus of the show, but instead it is more of a vessel that aids the quirky characters and jokes to present a hilarious journey.


Killbride Picture - Neighbors from Hell Pictures

Killbride Picture - Neighbors from Hell Pictures

Turner Broadcasting

The characters of Neighbors From Hell are all very unique. The Hellman family consists of husband Balthazor, wife Tina, daughter Mandy, son Josh, Uncle Vlaartark and goblin Pazuzu (who's posing as the family dog). Each member presents a very normal American family with some demon qualities such as spell casting, rare demon rage and the hunger for cat.

Their human neighbors and job associates, on the other hand, are very different. Their neighbors behave strangely, from treating the family dog like a soulmate to dealing with substance abuse. Balthazor works at a petroleum company called Petromundo and his boss, Don Killbride, is completely politically incorrect and simply cruel. That can sometimes make any situation awkward or jaw dropping.

From "Ha!" to "Whoa!"

The jokes of Neighbors from Hell can range from very simple and clean, to gross potty humor, to extreme in nature, which can produce a wide range of laughs. Simple jokes, like torturing a person in hell using Britney Spears gets a good chuckle. But a dog trying to kill itself by lighting itself on fire because his owner likes to smell his poop and fart in his face makes your jaw drop.

The dynamic of the show changes up very often, which allows the show to constantly stay unpredictable and not seem repetitive. The speed of the jokes is very fast and frequent. Some of the one-liners in Neighbors from Hell are very funny, like how the neighbors thought that the Hellmans' were green because they were Jewish and not Demons. While these jokes may be funny to some, many of the jokes are adult-oriented and may cross the line for part of the audience.

Final Thoughts

Pazuzu Picture - Neighbors from Hell Pictures

Pazuzu Picture - Neighbors from Hell Pictures

Turner Broadcasting

Overall Neighbors from Hell has some very funny moments. It's quirkiness and unique characters make up for a fairly dull premise. Viewers that enjoy shows like Family Guy, South Park and Archer should definitely check it out, but viewers who are very sensitive to crude humor should watch with caution. If the show develops a much more interesting storyline and more in-depth characters then I would highly recommend the show.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the network. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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