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'South Park: The Imaginationland Trilogy'

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating

By Morgan Larrick

South Park - Imaginationland

South Park - Imaginationland

Comedy Central

The Bottom Line

Released March 11, 2008, South Park: The Imaginationland Trilogy is a three part series that find the boys caught up in all things real and imaginary. The terrorists are it again and only the boys can help make tomorrow a better day. All the crassness and humor we've loved for so long is there, and disappointments are few. This is one great big story broken down into three little pieces. Some of the best material we've been treated to in a while.
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  • 3 main episodes and 2 bonus ones.
  • Massive amount of guest stars from our childhoods.
  • Matt Stone and Trey Parker say what they feel.


  • $20 bucks MSRP for five episodes.
  • Once again, the extras fall short.


  • Director's cut of the "Imaginationland" trilogy.
  • Mini-commentary from creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.
  • Two extra episodes are "Woodland Critters" and "Manbearpig."

Guide Review - 'South Park: The Imaginationland Trilogy'

In South Park: The Imaginationland Trilogy, Cartmen's little man gherkins have been out of the jar too long and they need moistening. Luckily, he's bet Kyle that leprechauns exist, and Cartman will win some re-hydration from Kyle if he's right. The hunt for a little man in green causes some unexpected side effects for the forces of good in Imaginationland. Quickly, the boys find themselves in a wondrous, make-believe utopia, where the terrorists are planning to unleash the forces on evil on this peaceful land.

The U.S. government has been keeping tabs on this in a super secret program. The nukes are ready to be used in hopes of saving our imaginations. Luckily there's one small child who possesses the power to aid the inhabitants: Butters better not be grounded this time.

This is a really cohesive story that brings all the elements of great writing and stunning visual aspects together. All of your favorite childhood characters have been drafted for an appearance, whether it's fighting for good or evil. The social commentary runs high with this one, without getting preachy.

Extras include two episodes, "Woodland Creatures" and "Manbearpig," which referenced heavily in the trilogy.

South Park: The Imaginationland Trilogy is a great set of DVDs, but with the lack of extras, I'll probably be using my $20 to buy some gas.

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