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'King of the Hill' Pictures

Pictures of Hank Hill, Bobby Hill, Peggy Hill, Dale, Bill, Boomhauer, Luanne


King of the Hill, from Office Space writer and director Mike Judge, comes across as a soft, down-to-earth family cartoon. But hidden in the Texan drawls and simple animation are topical jokes, heartfelt dialogue and deep character storylines. Hank, Bobby and Peggy Hill are the center of the action, with Peggy's niece Luanne, their neighbors Bill, Dale and Boomhauer, and other Arlen folks adding to the tempests in teapots.
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King of the HillThe HillsKing of the HillHill FamilyKing of the HillFamily and LawnmowerKing of the HillFamily with Grill
King of the HillAlleyKing of the HillHank HillKing of the HillHank and BobbyBobby HillBobby Hill
King of the HillPeggy HillDale Gribble from King of the HillDale GribbleBoomhauer on 'King of the Hill'BoomhauerKing of the HillLuanne Platter
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