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"King of the Hill" Episode Guide - Season Three

Titles and Descriptions


Peggy Hill from

Peggy Hill in "As Old as the Hills"

Twentieth Century Fox
Season Three (1998 - 1999)

"Death of a Propane Salesman"
September 15, 1998
The fates of Hank, Luanne, Buckley and Chuck Mangione (who has a voice cameo) hang in the balance after the explosion.

"And They Call It Bobby Love"
September 22, 1998
Bobby develops a crush on an older girl (voice of Sarah Michelle Gellar), while Hank and his pals develop a fondness for an old sofa left for the garbage truck.

"Peggy's Headache"
October 6, 1998
Suffering from a migraine, Peggy turns to John Redcorn for help and learns the truth about him and Dale's wife.

"Pregnant Paws"
October 13, 1998
Hank's determination to breed Lady Bird leaves Peggy barking for attention, while Dale takes a shot at bounty hunting. William H. Macy has a voice cameo.

"Next of Shin"
November 3, 1998
A trip to a fertility clinic results in shocking news for Hank and Peggy, who want another child. Meanwhile, Cotton and Didi have no trouble conceiving, but Cotton does have problems with being a dad.

"Peggy's Pageant Fever"
November 10, 1998
A beauty pageant offers Peggy the chance to win a truck — if she can endure a series of rigorous makeovers to impress the judges.

"Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men"
November 17, 1998
Hank has his plate full on Thanksgiving when Cotton crashes the celebration as well as a focus group Hank's attending on lawn mowers.

"Good Hill Hunting"
December 1, 1998
At Peggy's insistence, Hank takes Bobby on his first deer hunt, but Hank worries about spending time alone with his son.

"Pretty Pretty Dresses"
December 15, 1998
Memories of his ex-wife's departure leave Bill dragging his heels during the holidays. So he starts wearing her old clothes.

"A Firefighting We Will Go"
January 12, 1999
Hank, Boomhauer and Dale are recruited by Arlen's fire chief (voiced by Barry Corbin) to join the volunteer brigade.

"To Spank with Love"
January 19, 1999
Peggy earns respect from the principal — and her charges — when she paddles a student in her classroom, but her real challenge is to discipline Bobby in the same environment.

"Three Coaches and Bobby"
January 26, 1999
Hank's thrilled when Bobby joins a football team, but his pride is quelled when Bobby decides he gets a bigger kick out of soccer.

"De-Khanstructing Henry"
February 2, 1999
Hank discloses information about Kahn's classified project to Bill, who then gets Kahn fired after blabbing about it to his army pals.

"The Wedding of Bobby Hill"
February 9, 1999
When Bobby and Luanne engage in a war of practical jokes, Hank and Peggy decide to put an end to their fighting with a ruse of their own.

"Sleight of Hank"
February 16, 1999
Hank's irked with Peggy when she assists a magician with an illusion but refuses to tell him how it was done.

"Return to La Grunta"
February 23, 1999
Luanne convinces Hank to swim with a dolphin in a local country club pool, but his pride takes a plunge when the mammal tries to seduce him.

"Escape from Party Island"
March 16, 1999
Hank drives Tilly and her friends to Port Aransas to shop for miniatures, unaware the island is crowded with partying college students.

"Love Hurts...and So Does Art"
March 23, 1999
Bobby's overindulgence in deli food takes priority over escorting Connie to a dance, while Hank's medical photos are on display at an art gallery.

"Hank's Cowboy Movie"
April 6, 1999
To lure the Dallas Cowboys to Arlen, Hank plans a promotional video — but his wife and friends fumble the production.

"Dog Dale Afternoon"
April 13, 1999
Dale's new high-tech lawn mower is a source of aggravation for Hank, who plans to cut his paranoid neighbor down to size with an elaborate practical joke.

"Revenge of the Lutefisk"
April 20, 1999
Bobby brings down the house when he sets fire to the church during a dinner in honor of the new minister (voiced by Mary Tyler Moore).

"Death and Texas"
April 27, 1999
Hank is not happy when Peggy agrees to tutor a former student — on death row. Meanwhile, Dale tries to become the man's executioner.

"Wings of a Dope"
May 4, 1999
Luanne's stress about a test disappears after she claims to have seen Buckley's angel, prompting others' desires to be so touched.

"Take Me Out of the Ball Game"
May 11, 1999
Hank coaches his company's softball team, but can't get ace pitcher Peggy to play; and after she changes her mind, he can't get her to follow orders.

"As Old as the Hills"
May 18, 1999
Peggy and Hank's 20th-anniversary party leaves the missus missing their youth; and a bottle of tequila is the highlight of their private revelry.

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