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'King of the Hill' Episode Guide - Season 11

Titles and Descriptions


King of the Hill Suite Smell of Excess Picture

King of the Hill Suite Smell of Excess Picture

Twentieth Century Fox
"Suite Smells of Excess"
Hank, Bill, Boomhauer and Dale take Bobby to a Texas vs. Nebraska college football game to measure Bobby’s new love for the sport. When Bobby ventures from the nosebleed section to a VIP suite belonging to retired Nebraska quarterback Jake Middleton, Hank goes to bring Bobby back but gets mesmerized by the complimentary food and drinks. Hank and the boys stir up some trouble when Nebraska’s assistant phones the box for a play from Middleton and Hank pretends to be Jake and calls a play that will be make it or break it for Texas.

"Bobby Rae"
When Bobby protests against soda machines in the school, his determination attracts the attention of his socially conscious classmate Olivia. He continues his fight in hopes of getting a date with her. The "protest" leads to the machines being removed from campu,s which sends the teachers into a panic because they are using the funds to pay for their "retreat." The teachers devise a new plan to raise money by placing electronic news tickers with advertising for energy bars around the school, which further outrages Olivia, who encourages Bobby to have them removed. In response, Bobby arranges a school walkout but struggles to maintain the crowd, and he looks to Hank for help.

"The Powder Puff Boys"
Bobby is not a happy camper when he is asked to dress up as a cheerleader and shake his pom-poms to support the girls as they play football in the school’s annual Powder Puff game. Hank encourages him to get into the spirit of things, having once been a Powder Puff boy along with Bill, Dale and Principal Moss. Bobby changes his attitude and is soon the leader of the squad. Meanwhile, Peggy volunteers with the PTA and meets Alexis, an ex-attorney who has left her job to become a more involved mother. Alexis (guest voice Lisa Edelstein) rallies to stop the boys’ antics, with Peggy’s reluctant support, and Principal Moss shuts them down. Hank goes before the PTA to reverse the decision, with Peggy changing her stance. However, Bobby and the boys still find a way to carry on the traditionl.

"Four Wave Intersection"
When the town is hit by a heat wave, Hank takes Bobby, Joseph and Connie to Wild Rapids Water Park. But standing between the kids and "the coolest wave in Texas" (the Big Ka-tube-ah) is a group of surfer dude bullies. At Dale's suggestion, Boomhauer agrees to talk to the surfers since he was one of the best in his day. But he succeeds only in embarrassing himself and the kids. Then a young surfer Boomhauer meets at his old stomping grounds helps him to regain his mojo, and he returns to Wild Rapids to redeem himself and the kids. Meanwhile, Bill becomes known throughout Arlen as the "Heat-Waver" as he stands on the side of the highway and waves at passing motorists.

"Death Picks Cotton"
Hank, Peggy, Luanne and Lucky decide to celebrate the first trimester of Luanne's pregnancy at an upscale Japanese restaurant. Peggy and Hank plan to attend the celebration until Bobby’s sitter cancels at the last minute. Cotton stops by the house and volunteers to stay with Bobby, but Peggy is hesitant about the whole idea. After an evening of reckless babysitting, Cotton decides to crash the dinner party with Bobby and finds himself in a deathly situation with a chef who resembles an enemy from his WWII days. After Cotton’s many chances at cheating death, it finally catches up with him.

"Raise the Steaks"
After buying tough, unsavory steaks at the Mega-Lo-Mart, Hank, at Appleseed's suggestion, visits the town co-op in search of better meat. After falling in love with the delicious organic food, Hank becomes a co-op volunteer and co-owner. The co-op starts to make money and eventually is bought out by the Mega-Lo-Mart corporation, which turns it into a "Mega-Lo-Op" that doesn't live up to the original co-op "fresh" mentality. Motivated to preserve something of the original co-op, Hank convinces Appleseed that they should start their own mini co-op farm in his backyard. Cattle from the farm wander onto Kahn's property and the plan is no longer Prime.

"Tears of an Inflatable Clown"
While Bobby heads a carnival planning committee at his school, a representative from the Superintendent's office visits Tom Landry Middle to carry out diversity tolerance exercises. Targeting the carnival committee, Bobby and his co-planners are led to feel ashamed of their respective cultures' contributions to racial intolerance. They cancel the carnival and instead try to talk to the Landry students about taking responsibility for past racial injustices. But the students grow angry over the carnival cancellation, and Hank, Peggy, Kahn and Minh slip away to set up the delivered but unassembled equipment so the carnival can still go on. Meanwhile, Hank, Luanne and the guys try to force Lucky to go to a hospital after he catches a Frisbee made of barbed wire.

"The Minh Who Knew Too Much"
Kahn and Minh finally decide to ditch their hillbilly neighbors after Dale runs into their rose bushes with a homemade go-cart. The Souphanousinphones seek refuge at Nine Rivers, an upscale country club to which they were denied membership three times. Desperate to join, Kanh convinces Minh to befriend Dale and the rest of the Arlen Gun Club members so Minh can join the Nine Rivers skeet-shooting team. Kahn keeps his eyes on the prize while Minh begins to understand and accept the ways of her hillbilly neighbors. When Minh ditches the Arlen Gun Club to join the Nine Rivers team, Dale seeks revenge at the Tri-Club Skeet Classic. Meanwhile, the Hill family go on a hunt for the garbage-can bandit.

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