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Mike Judge


Mike Judge

Mike Judge

Robert Mora / Getty Images


Mike Judge was born in 1962 in Ecuador, but was raised in New Mexico. Later he attended the University of California in San Diego, California, where he earned a degree in physics. Mike Judge also lived in Texas for many years. A self-motivated talent, he taught himself to animate in 1991 with the aid of borrowed library books, a second-hand animation camera and a few cheap animation supplies.

Animated TV Comedies:

Mike Judge was creator and executive producer of the irreverent cable series Beavis and Butt-Head, which premiered on MTV in 1993. He provided the voices for Beavis, Butt-Head and the additional male characters. He also wrote and performed the theme music for the series. He wrote and directed the feature film Beavis and Butt-Head Do America in 1996.

King of the Hill premiered on Fox as a mid-season series on January 12, 1997. The last episode aired September 13, 2009.

Mike Judge also created short-lived The Goode Family, which premiered on ABC May 27, 2009 and was quickly cancelled.


In 1998, Mike Judge made his live-action directorial debut with the film Office Space, which he also wrote.

In 2007 Judge completed the live action sci-fi feature Idiocracy, about a military man who goes into a hibernation experiment and awakes 500 years later to discover an unhealthy, dumbed down America.

Mike Judge also wrote and directed Extract, which was released in 2009, about a man trying to find solutions to problems in his marriage and his factory.

Animated Short Film Festival:

In 2003, Mike Judge helped launch The Animation Show, "making it the first festival of animation created and produced with actual animators at the helm," as their website says. Essentially, it's a traveling animated short film festival, showcasing independent animated filmmakers.

Mike Judge's own animated shorts include Office Space, from which blossomed the live-action film, as well as huh? and The Honkey Problem.

Acting Credits:

Mike Judge usually appears in his films or cartoons, mostly in smaller roles. King of the Hill is the exception, because he voices Hank Hill, the lead character. He also voices Boomhauer in the same series. Other acting credits include Stan, Chotchkie's Manager, in Office Space and Jim, a factory worker, in Extract.
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