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"Hopeless Pictures" Episode Guide - Season One

Titles and Descriptions


"Hopeless Pictures" Mel Wax

Episode 1
Mel struggles with issues of self-esteem when he breaks a tooth and can’t get an appointment with an exclusive Hollywood dentist. Meanwhile, his wife discovers unfamiliar pink panties in his car. Production in Zagreb is soaring over budget, and reports say that the insane director, Ignatious Millmo, has bitten a heathy-sized chunk from the arm of an extra. Thankfully, Mel’s shrink assures him that the good news is that his problems are all real. Cameos by Lisa Kudrow, Isaac Mizrahi and Peggy Siegel.

Episode 2
Mel Wax faces a hostile buyout of Hopeless Pictures, a confrontation with his wife after she discovers more evidence of his infidelities and a disaster in Zagreb, where the incorrigible Swedish director drives his car into a mountain and ends up in a coma.

Episode 3
Tracy finds she gets a better sense of a script if she has sex with the writer. Meanwhile, Mel Wax seduces an actress auditioning for the saleswoman’s assistant in "Death of a Saleswoman," and the hostile takeover bidders close in for the kill.

Episode 4
Mel Wax searches for his tentpole film while his wife begins divorce proceedings. Nora Ephron and Paul Reubens guest star.

Episode 5
Mel Wax contemplates suicide by jumping from the Hollywood sign, while ghosts haunt an indie director. Nora Ephron guest stars.

Episode 6
Mel Wax works out his trust issues with his shrink, as he finds out his Dr. Stein has exposed his secrets in a tell-all book. Nora Ephron, Buck Henry and Paul Reubens guest star.

Episode 7
Mel Wax buys the rights to his own biography as production begins on his new film. Nora Ephron and Martin Mull guest star.

Episode 8
Hopeless Producer pitches an idea for a new football fantasy flick and Mel Wax is panic-stricken when big time star drops out of his new project. Rob Reiner guest stars.

Mel Wax is distraught over divorce issues and loses an important game of golf and his contract at Hopeless Pictures.

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