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Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson

Twentieth Century Fox

Marketing is one of Homer's real strengths. When he gets into the snow plowing business as "Mr. Plow," he demonstrates some common guerrilla marketing techniques such as putting flyers on windshields, giving away premiums to new customers ("Stockdale for VP t-shirts,") and coming up with some catchy ads, such as his Mr. Plow rap. He also generates plenty of business and publicity by performing some notable public service activities such as plowing the parking lot of the Kwik-E Mart just in time for some crooks to knock it off and clearing the streets so people do not have to resort to public transportation or car-pooling.

In "Das Bus," Homer shows how important it is to get your business online ("Oh, they have the Internet on computers now?" or "Where's the Any key?" or "The Internet? Is That Thing Still Around?") when he starts an Internet e-business. As Homer and IBM know, e-business can bring in the riches. He demonstrates his concept of an e-business in an exchange with a customer, and on the way he comes up with the cutting edge name for his Internet business: CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet. And as with all businesses on the 'Net, there is a chance to make a killing in an IPO or to be bought out, as happens to CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet when Bill Gates comes to "Buy 'em Out Boys."

Partial List of Homer's Businesses

  • Slash-Co Knives door-to-door salesman.
  • Day-trader.
  • Snow removal.
  • Homie the Clown.
  • Selling use of his free trampoline.
  • Selling sugar salvaged from an over-turned sugar truck.
  • Manager for singer.
  • Telemarketing fraud.
  • Beer Baron.
  • Traveling "snake oil" salesman.
  • Selling Pumpkins past October
  • Selling rides on Bart's elephant.
  • Selling tickets to see Lisa's angel (a mall fraud.)
  • Internet company.
  • Grease supplier.
Homer isn't the only business guru in Springfield. Mr. Burns has this advice for entrepreneurs, "I'll keep it short and sweet! Family, religion, friendship. These are the 3 demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business ..." Good luck to all entrepreneurs.

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