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'Home Movies' Season 2

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Home Movies Season 2 DVD

Home Movies Season 2 DVD


The Bottom Line

There's an old Doonesbury joke where a ghost writer charges extra for literary merit, adjectives, metaphors stuff like that. Sure, Home Movies wasn't conceived for Adult Swim, but the second season holds up as the most accessible show they've got. In a good way, Home Movies is still really weird, funny and random. But somehow, Home Movies also manages to have literary merit, character development and plot, things in short supply on Space Ghost or Brak (which I love).
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  • Funny.
  • Unique.
  • Good DVD presentation.
  • Great character development.


  • The animation is... not great.
  • Extras are good, but not as good as season 1.


  • Watch a trailer for Home Movies
  • 13 episodes, 3 discs
  • Commentaries with Brendon Small, Melissa Galsky, executive producer Loren Bouchard, Soup2Nuts.
  • Winner of the "Small Shorts" film contest.
  • Memories featurette: "Guest Stars Remember 'Home Movies'"
  • Extended play versions of Brendon Small's songs.
  • Learn to play the 'Home Movies' theme.

Guide Review - 'Home Movies' Season 2

Bob's Burgers has a heart as big as a whale, and a withering whit that could kill said whale. Brendan and the gang hold up quite well in their second season. Sure, it seems like some of the plots are a little by the numbers, but they always throw in a drunken bender from McGuirk or a corpse to make it all right. Give this show a chance and it will make you love it.

The DVDs are nice, each in their own slim package, with funny menus, commentary and some extras.

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