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'Home Movies' Season 1 DVD

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating


'Home Movies' DVD

'Home Movies' DVD

Turner Broadcasting System

The Bottom Line

The best Adult Swim DVD collection for Adult Swim's best show. Each DVD is slipcased with information of the episodes and extras. Loaded with extras, so fans of the show finally get to see the show's creators in action. The show's release is also a great chance to Johnny Appleseed this to our friend, companions, loved ones and even work dorks.
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  • Smart and funny? Hell, yeah!
  • A unique voice.
  • Sympathetic cast from 'Headline News' despicable curmudgeon cousin.


  • The voices are digitally altered? Rip-off!
  • Want more songs!
  • Not a certfied religion in most states.


  • Three discs.
  • Commentary by the cast and creators.
  • Interviews with Brendon Small, H. Jon Benjamin and Loren Bouchard.
  • Real home-made short films by stars Brendon Small and H. Jon Benjamin.
  • Animated menus from the Soup2Nuts creative team.
  • Animatics (episode storyboards.)
  • Animation galleries.

Guide Review - 'Home Movies' Season 1 DVD

There is nothing like Home Movies anywhere, a great show revived after UPN failed to find its audience. Eight-year-old filmmakers Brendon, Mellisa and Jason, seven, interact with a cast of childhood teachers, friends, bullies (significantly their rough-around-the-edges soccer coach, McGuirk) and Brendon's mother, Paula, who doesn't always have the right answers, and swears at parent/teacher conferences.

Home Movies is funny, oh, yeah, really, really funny. It's also heartfelt, caring, touching, fond of its own characters and, hallelujah, linear. Sure, I love Space Ghost. But try selling that to your grandmother, "In this episode, no one talks!" Home Movies is sweet, subversive and entertaining as all get out.

It has top-shelf DVD looks, sounds, extras and packaging. The interviews and commentaries with creator/stars Loren Bouchard, Brendon Small and H. Jon Benjamin make the viewer part of the gang. Their lack of acting talent -- their voices are digitally altered to make them sound like children -- gives the show a low-key edge. No one's ego is in the way. The interviews let you in on the show's creative process without saying that, just showing it. Their non-stop babble explains, eventually, everything anyone would want to know about the show. The most unexpected extra was "Baby Pranks," with faux hipsters punking oblivious babies. Can I get an "Amen?"

And something that's even funnier than it sounds? The Louis Pasteur and Louis Braile rap. Thank you, sweet heaven!

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Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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