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Holiday Specials

A directory of cartoons that are yearly holiday specials for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and more.

Spooky Cartoons
Plenty of Halloween cartoons are shown every year, but this list of forgotten cartoons are just as spooky.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
A Charlie Brown Christmas was almost never seen because no studio would buy it. Hard to imagine the holiday season without this animated classic. Learn more about A Charlie Brown Christmas.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
The history, quotes and cast information about one of the most beloved Halloween cartoons ever.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Some background and a review of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, another Charles Schulz holiday special.

It's a SpongeBob Christmas!
Learn how the stop-motion animated Christmas special was made. Plus, get a review of the holiday cartoon.

'Gift of the Night Fury'
Review and details about the double DVD set of 'Dreamworks Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury' featuring Toothless and Hiccup.

Gotta Catch Santa Claus
A review for Gotta Catch Santa Claus on DVD, starring William Shatner.

'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'
Pictures from Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas, a classic Christmas cartoon special.

'It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown'
It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown review. Learn more about the Charles M. Schulz Easter cartoon about Charlie Brown.

'Prep & Landing'
A review of Prep and Landing, the Christmas special from Disney and Pixar.

Top 5 Dr. Seuss Characters
Dr. Seuss characters are beloved to children and adults. List of the best Dr. Seuss characters from the popular Dr. Seuss cartoons.

Favorite Christmas Special
Share your favorite Christmas cartoon or read a list from other readers.

Favorite Halloween Special
Readers post their favorite Halloween specials and cartoons. Share your own.

Pick Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Character
Pick your favorite Dr. Seuss character and see which characters everyone else is posting.

Halloween Cartoon Videos and DVDs
The top ten DVDs with Halloween episodes of "The Simpsons," "South Park" and more. Great for parties and gifts.

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas
Manny, Ellie, Sid and Diego are back in this tale about Santa Claus in prehistoric times.

Ray Romano Interview
Ray Romano talks about the difference between being a standup comic and a voice-over actor.

Little Spirit: Christmas in New York
Little Spirit: Christmas in New York> is an animated holiday special on NBC. Learn more about the characters, cast and story of Little Spirit: Christmas in New York.

Original Christmas Classics
The Original Christmas Classics on DVD brings back childhood memories. The DVD includes seven of my favorite animated Christmas cartoons. This is a set you'll pull from the shelf every year.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Show guide for the beloved holiday special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

The Year Without a Santa Claus
The Year Without a Santa Claus includes two iconic characters, Heat Miser and Snow Miser. Learn more about this cartoon.

Top Picks for Christmas Cartoons on DVD
Spend some time over the holidays bonding with friends and family while watching these classic and funny TV Christmas Cartoons.

'Yes, Virginia'
Learn more about Yes, Virginia, a CGI animated cartoon telling the story of the little girl who wrote to the New York Sun to find out if Santa Claus is real.

'The Story of Santa Claus'
Ed Asner stars in The Story of Santa Claus, an animated holiday special about a gentle toymaker.

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