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'The Simpsons' Online Games

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Bart Simpson and Skateboard

Bart Simpson and Skateboard

Twentieth Century Fox
Playing The Simpsons games on the Internet is a fun and easy way to familiarize yourself with the show. Playing these games is also a terrific way to pass the time at home, work or school. (But, you didn't hear that from me!) Following are some of the best games on the 'Net to play.

Memory Match
The official site of The Simpsons has a few games hidden within their character profiles. Click the link to go to the character section, then click their link for "Q-S." Click on Homer Simpson's file. If you click on the question marks inside the file, you'll be taken to a very difficult, timed game of match or memory.

Bible Blaster
The Simpsons official web site has more games hidden in the character files. Click the link to go to the character section, then click "F-H." Click on Rod Flanders' file. You can play a fun, easy arcade-style shooter.

Slingshot Shooter
Click this link, then choose "Q-S." Click on Bart Simpson's file. Click his slingshot to shoot at icons of Bart's enemies.

Wrecking Ball
This fun online Simpsons game was released when The Simpsons Movie premiered. Homer has to save his family by using a crane and wrecking ball to toss a truck, using the arrow keys. How far can you go?

Bart Simpson's Naked Skate
This game, using your arrow keys, is pretty tricky. You must steer Bart through obstacles at a decent speed in order to avoid the police car. Watch out, this game is addictive.

The Simpsons Millionaire
Like the TV game show, you answer multiple choice questions. The further you go, the harder the questions become. Fun music and graphics make this trivia quiz worth the time.

Simpsons Games Online
Play a memory game or scramble games using pictures from The Simpsons. It's fun watching Homer's face get all jumbled.

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