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'Futurama' Episode Guide - Season 4

Titles and Descriptions




"Roswell That Ends Well"
December 9, 2001
When Fry misuses the ship's microwave oven during a supernova explosion, the colliding forces send the Planet Express hurtling back in time to 1947, and it crashes in the desert outside of Roswell, N.M. Although the ship is hidden, Dr. Zoidberg and Bender's headless body are captured and taken to a military base, where Fry's grandfather is stationed. While the Professor and Leela work on how to return to 3002, Bender's head and Fry attempt a rescue at the base and make a contact that jeopardizes Fry's existence.

"A Tale of Two Santas"
December 23, 2001
John Goodman comes back to the future to reprise his role of the evil Santa Claus robot. After securing their building against the murderous St. Nicholas, the Planet Express crew is ordered to deliver children's letters to him. So they fly to Santa's HQ on Neptune, where the poverty of his mistreated elves offends even self-absorbed Bender. He, Leela and Fry inadvertently trap the robot, freeing the oppressed elves to make toys again. But delivering them is a job for a robot, and Bender's the only one around. He dons Santa's gay apparel - making him a target for Earthlings unaware of the switch.

"Anthology of Interest 2"
January 6, 2002
A parody of "The Wizard of Oz" is one of three scenarios illustrated by the Professor's "What If" machine, which shows alternative lives for Bender, Fry and Leela.

"Love and Rocket"
February 10, 2002
Having secured a lucrative contract, the Professor upgrades the Planet Express ship, giving it a new voice (Sigourney Weaver) that arouses Bender. The robot is so enamored that he takes to tickling the ship's controls to hear it laugh, which causes it to malfunction. Ship and robot quickly become an item. But just as quickly, Bender tires of it, picking a most inopportune time to say they should "just be friends." But like Hal in "2001: A Space Odyssey," the ship has its own ideas. Lucy Liu has a cameo.

"Leela's Homeworld"
February 17, 2002
Someone's looking out for Leela when mutants from underground capture her, Fry and Bender to pay for Bender's toxic-waste dumping.

"Where the Buggalo Roam"
March 3, 2002
Amy's boyfriend Kif tries to impress her parents by going after those who rustled away their livestock ("buggalo") on Mars.

"A Pharaoh to Remember"
March 10, 2002
A planet with an ancient-Egyptian influence makes slave labor of Leela, Fry and Bender, who turns on his pals when he gains some power.

March 17, 2002
After getting separated from the ship during a pirate attack, Bender becomes a god to a microcivilization, while Fry mounts an effort to find him.

March 31, 2002
Fry blindly supports Planet Express's new CEO, a slick talker from Fry's time who emphasizes image as he takes on their biggest rival.

"A Leela of Her Own"
April 7, 2002
Leela sees herself as a female pioneer when she's signed as a Major League pitcher, but she's really there as a novelty act, as she beans every batter she faces. Hank Aaron and Bob Uecker have cameos.

"30% Iron Chef"
April 14, 2002
Aspiring to become a great cook, Bender is coached by a legend before competing against a vaunted TV chef who initially ignored him.

"Where No Fan Has Gone Before"
April 21, 2002
Original "Star Trek" cast members spoof their series - and its devoted followers - in this inspired fourth-season finale. After learning that the series was banned from Earth in the 23rd century (world leaders thought the "Star Trek" "movement" too threatening,) Fry determines to retrieve episode tapes that were sent to a forbidden planet. "The world needs "Star Trek" to give people hope for the future," Fry declares. "But," replies Leela, "it's set 800 years in the past!" Still, they proceed to Omega 3, where Fry has a trivia showdown with a being claiming to be the ultimate Trekker. Guest voices: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols.

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