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"A Flight to Remember"

Futurama Pictures


A picture from Futurama's "A Flight to Remember," a parody of Titanic.
Futurama's Titanic - A Flight to Remember

Futurama's Titanic - A Flight to Remember

Twentieth Century Fox
Futurama parodies the Titanic movie in "A Flight to Remember." Professor Farnsworth takes the entire Planet Express team on the maiden voyage of a new ship, Titanic. On the trip, Bender meets and woos Countess de la Roca, a robot who is above his station. Leela tells Captain Zapp Brannigan she is engaged to Fry in order to avoid Zapp's advances. Amy also tells her parents Fry is her boyfriend when they try to set her up with an unattractive suitor. Before the lies are revealed, Kiff informs Zapp that they're headed toward a black hole. Zapp promotes Kiff to captain in order to escape. Amy's parents then introduce Kiff to Amy, and they are immediately smitten. Everyone jumps ship in escape pods, but the Countess sacrifices herself when the weight is too much.
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