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Your complete resource for Futurama, the other animated show by Matt Groening. Learn more about Futurama episodes, characters, DVDs and the history of Futurama's cancellation and resurrection.
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Futurama Show Guide
An overview of Futurama. Includes show synopsis, characters and background information for Futurama.

Top 10 Futurama Episodes
I present you with the top 10 Futurama episodes that stood out for me.

Futurama Characters
Following is a rundown of the characters on Futurama, including a picture and brief bio for each.

Futurama Picture Gallery
A Futurama picture gallery with pictures of episodes, guest stars and characters.

Futurama Trivia Quiz
Test your knowledge of Futurama trivia. Answer questions about Fry, Leela, Bender and more.

Interview with David X. Cohen: Bender's Big Score
Futurama co-creator David X. Cohen talks to Animated TV Guide Nancy Basile about making Bender's Big Score, the Futurama movie on DVD. He also discusses Hypnotoad, and how to submit a script to a TV show.

What's Your Favorite Futurama Episode?
Post your favorite Futurama episode and share with other fans.

Best Quotes by Bender
The best quotes by Bender on Futurama. Post your own to the list. See submissions

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