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'Family Guy' DVD Vol. 7

13 episodes from Seasons 6 and 7

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Family Guy Vol. 7 DVD

Family Guy Vol. 7 DVD

Fox Home Entertainment
Family Guy Vol. 7 DVD was released June 16, 2009. Fox has apparently decided that rolling out DVDs in volumes rather than seasons for Family Guy is a better way to cash in, since this is one of many recent releases like this. Family Guy Vol. 7 DVD includes episodes from the end of the sixth season and the beginning of the seventh season, plus extras, all on three discs.

List of Episodes

The episodes includes from the sixth and seventh season of Family Guy are:

Disc 1:

  • "Back to the Woods"
  • "Play It Again, Brian"
  • "The Former Life of Brian"
  • "Long John Peter"
  • "Love Blactually"

Disc 2:

  • "I Dream of Jesus"
  • "Road to Germany"
  • "Baby Not On Board"
  • "The Man with Two Brians"
  • "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing"
  • "Ocean's Three and a Half"

Disc 3:

  • "Family Gay"
  • "The Juice is Loose!"

Bonus Features and Extras

Family Guy Vol. 7 DVD

'Family Guy' Vol. 7 DVD

Fox Home Entertainment
Bonus features on the Family Guy Vol. 7 DVD include uncensored commentary on every episode, 29 deleted scenes, three animatic episodes with optional commentary, featurettes aboutComic Con 2008 and the Family Guy Art Show.
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